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While we are on the subject of mind-blowing subjects, get your brain wrapped around this bathtub, and let's take a trip to Egypt.

And I will assume you are generally aware of what was accomplished by the Egyptians (?) about 5000 or so years ago.

But first for some perspective let's take a look at this one “little” project which took this guy 7 weeks to nibble away a 25-thousand-pound boulder into a 15-thousand-pound bathtub. Pretty cool.

And of course, today he used heavy equipment in the form of a big backhoe to recover and move it and multiple powered diamond impregnated cutting and chipping tools. And again, it took 7 weeks to complete this one item.

And here we have a beautifully executed statue in rose granite in Egypt. Granite has a hardness of 7, diamond has a hardness of 10. Mind blowing. And Egypt was / is chocked full of them and many other vessels, 100 ton granite boxes with covers perfectly finished, many, many miles of massive tunnels and burial accommodations. Apparently accomplished with pounding stones, copper saws and bronze chisels. You cannot argue with the fact that they exist. PS: No steel.

Not to mention that the pyramids were supposedly built in 20 years? 20 years? 2.5 million blocks cut, dressed, moved and lifted into place plus massive multiple hundreds of tons of very large, perfectly cut and seamlessly fitted internal granite chamber structures that were moved hundreds of miles from the quarry to the building site. Crazy.

Did the Egyptians build them? Or did the Egyptians excavate them? It has been proposed that the Sphinx may actually be 13,000 years old based on the water erosion evidence that is apparent on its enclosure.

How old are the Sphinx and the Pyramids and did the Egyptians indeed build them? And if not them then who? The more you study them the more puzzling it all becomes. Just like studying the universe and how old it is / was estimated to be or what exactly it is composed of.

The universe may be twice as old as was thought? Maybe the universe is eternal and has no age, no beginning and no ending? iNew research puts age of universe at 26.7 billion years, nearly twice as old as previously believed (

No one really truly fully understands either, but there they are all the same. JGL 9/6/23

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