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Updated: May 30, 2023


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THE PEOPLE IN THIS SCHOOL ARE ARMED and will defend themselves and the children within from all who seek to do harm.

Rural Ohio school district will allow teachers and staff to ARM themselves with guns:

'We will no longer be soft targets and unprotected' Is it perfect? No. But it is better than the alternative. Superintendent Adam Wickham (pictured) is a proud proponent of the policy.

Keeping in mind that there are those hard-core operatives in the Political Realm and within government on both sides of the aisle who coldly look forward to and use these tragedies perpetrated by mentally ill individuals and their violent horrific actions that serve their political agendas related to gun restrictions and gun confiscation. As raw, cynical and disturbing as that is to read, it is the truth.

There is a reason why the Founders understood that the people needed to be armed and it had nothing to do with hunting, it has to do with the eventual abuse of power and authoritarian mode that they knew every and all governments must and without doubt will devolve into. And we can all clearly see that ongoing today in our country.

The Founders understood well the nature of man related to governance and the abuse of power. And so, good, bad or otherwise, the people of America will be armed. Legally of course. J.G.L. 2023

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