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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

What changed in Don Lemon's reality? ($$$$$$ ?????)

I cannot believe my ears! I had to play it twice! Could have knocked me over with a feather!

Don Lemon literally sounds even more rational and Conservative than any Conservative I know! Don lemon is a rational Conservative and has just been pumping a radical Leftist soulless CNN corporate agenda narrative in search of political power, influence and absolute corporate hand in hand with government control over YOU!? Nooooo! Tell me it is not so.

And this is not that long ago apparently. Thank you, Don, in the end you have by accident served a useful journalistic purpose in actually informing the public about what is actually underway in our country. And so, you must ask, why?

The soulless corporate media is corrupt, the soulless entity government is corrupt, and they are both joined and are working in unison seeking to literally enslave your mind and all your future potential in the pursuit of raw power and control under the "righteous" banner of an elite agenda that is supposedly "smarter", much, much more "educated" and more informed than YOU.

And that condition where government and corporate entities are joined and are working in unison in the interests of consolidating political power and control is the technical definition of actual Fascism. Reconcile that!

Neither of these soulless entities can help themselves, that is what they naturally are and that is what they do. They can be and in time do nothing else. And there is but one structural concept in governance that seeks in some way, shape or form to objectively force both soulless entities back into a middle Left / middle Right truth in reality.

And that one concept, forcing some measure of truth in reality into the public realm is what the Constitution of the United States attempts to structure and accomplish. And that is why they as soulless entities are working in concert to undermine and hollow it all out. The Constitution is about empowering and protecting YOU and YOUR Rights and Freedom of Choice and YOUR Self-Interests from these natural abusers and accumulators of power.

Reread: Strategy Over Morality and understand where the justification for such in your face raw political power grabs are formulated and are subjectively justified. Just the tip of a very dirty, perverted and corrupt very big iceberg that needs to be melted down by you as an individual by being properly informed so you can properly choose when you vote. And that is what this is all about, YOU and that vote!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/5/23

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