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Updated: Jan 6

If you remember in my well researched eggplant parm recipe I cited my favorite jarred tomato sauce as being Monte's.

And what do you know, Food and Wine Magazine agreed with me!!

"We Tried 100 Jarred Tomato Sauces — These Are 15 of the Best"

Best overall: Monte’s Original Family Recipe Tomato Sauce

Monte’s tomato sauce is everything you could ever want in a marinara. It’s smooth (but not too smooth), well-seasoned, complex, and yet somehow still nostalgic. The decades-old family recipe comes from Monte’s at the Manor in Montauk, New York. However, the plum tomatoes that they use are vine-ripened in California, giving the sauce a bright, luxurious flavor. It’s the best jarred tomato sauce we’ve ever tasted, and we recommend you add it to your pantry, stat. $40 for six 16-ounce jars at

Try to find some Monte's in your grocery store now! :)

Are you cooking yet America? JGL 1/5/24

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