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Updated: Jan 17

By 2030, 6 years, driven by the much too ambitious and ill advised "Green New Deal" and our governments "progressive" (D) agenda in support of it will soon probably cause all American auto makers to go bankrupt. Because that is what this self-inflicted ideological wound is beginning to shape up to look like.


These auto companies have been forced by government to redesign and retool most of their production to electric / battery-based technology to the tune of multiple billions of dollars, and things are not going well. And here is a real-world indicator, they are not selling.

That is in the real world, not the fantasy government force the market and force the American people to do as they are directed world. Hertz dumps all 20,000 electric autos, including Tesla's.

What are the issues with EV's? High purchase cost and low resale value, range anxiety, extremely high repair costs, many dealers' technicians are not trained to work on them, higher insurance costs, lack of charging facilities, long charging periods, battery charge loss in cold weather, hard to acquire parts, not enough grid and infrastructure capacity, extreme negative environmental potentials when in an accident if they become enflamed needing special training and equipment to safely and properly handle them. The list is long.

Real world electric auto experience in the cold:

I will say this, the higher end EV's are beautifully designed and are very aesthetically pleasing. Very pretty, and very expensive. And I have no problem with someone who wants to purchase and electric auto, not at all. But it should not be forced by government as per a faulty ideological political agenda, it should be by consumer choice.

Another real-world electric auto experience:

Notice when there is a battery charging or accident breach failure, and an electric vehicle becomes engulfed in flames which is highly explosive there are a very specialized set of procedures and equipment requirements for fire departments to get it put out and secured so it is controlled and safe. And the potential exists that once under control an EV will again begin to spontaneously burn. Who would feel confident to park one of these parked inside their garage with their family sleeping inside while an EV is charging?

Fire department responds to an EV home: 7:53 min.

In the end which auto companies may and may not survive financially? Probably Tesla will survive because that company alone is structured from the start to produce EV's and it has a roomy profit margin and market share as a result. The other more conventional I.C.E. (Internal Combustion Engine) auto companies have been forced to comply with a government mandate that no one asked for based in the "Green New Deal" "Climate Change" you will comply by 2030 political agenda. A very high price to pay for someone.

OR, maybe there is an unspoken deal where the government since they are "Incentivizing" this rushed political agenda will come in and bail out any auto company who was forced into the EV market and gets bogged down with debt and no or slow sales? Stand by on that.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/13/24

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