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The wages of weakness, and who's strategy and who's opportunity are we talking about?

When you step back, and we can go all the way back to the 2016 presidential election, where the next in line "for sure" anointed (D) Globalist American politician who was denied their proper place as president. What did we see?

One strategic opportunity leads to another.

When the reality of the "for sure" election of the next in line anointed (D) Globalist, anti-American surrender world dominance politician reality set in the radical Left Democrats went insane and into overdrive.

What did we see? The exponential growth of the weaponization of the ultimate weapon of political warfare, the United States Federal government bureaucracy, law, justice and court system. And in some predominantly Blue states the targeted weaponization of the law, justice and court system. The gloves came off due to their anger and disbelief related to being displaced from their rightful political power and their desperation in realizing that they had real vulnerability at the population level where they thought they had none. And so, the gloves have come off and there is not even a hint of making believe that there is a line between political weaponization of government, law, justice and the court system. A direct and clear violation of everything that the Constitution attempts to structure and intends.


One strategic opportunity leads to another. Why? Because you have encouraged it.

And what else did we see? Massive violence in the streets as those operators who enforce for those who originate, push and shape the surrender of American dominance (D) to the Globalist agenda transmitted what the cost of resistance to their Socialist authoritarian brand of change would be. Looting, shoplifting, drug gangs, overdoses, murder, arson, mayhem, no arrests, no consequences and few prosecutions. And the radical Left calls that "Social Justice".

The *NEW* "more better" reality where men are women, women are men, what was good is now bad and what was bad is now good. A psychological monkey wrench and disruption of any accepted American norm in the furtherance of the political surrender of American dominance to the Globalist agenda. How better to destroy oppressive and racist America?

And then it gained momentum in the 2020 presidential race where the then occupant was going to lose no matter what it took to make that a reality. From purposefully mis calibrated tabulation machines, to magic ballots pulled out from under covered tables, to the multiple counting of the same ballots, to who knows what. Whatever it took to prevail. It was done, no formal instruction needed.

And we saw radical and in many instances illegal election rules and "laws" installed due to a very convenient (?) laboratory leak of a manipulated probably weaponized virus by a declared economic and military opponent. Who by their own declarations seeks to displace America from world dominance.

We saw massive increase in mail in ballots, the established most corrupt manner of voting. We saw special ballot collection box units paid for by the Globalist Zuckerberg, masses of street operatives paid to collect "properly completed" ballots delivered to said special boxes. We saw the first day on the job personal invitation of masses of illegals from all over the world into America through the purposefully held open Southern border. And that number is now somewhere in the 7 to 8 million illegals that are now having their accommodations, healthcare, food and children's education paid for by the American taxpayers themselves.

(And as usual I point out here that NO ONE in America is against immigration, NO ONE. What Americans are against is essentially an orchestrated strategic illegal immigration invasion by the radical Left Democrats in order to dominate elections in perpetuity)

And now what do we see as a result of this American weakness and what is plain to see? War in Ukraine, Chinese CCP aggression, WEF / U.N. push to centralize government and the CCP model, financial destabilization, crime and chaos in the streets.

And now this. Why? Because it has been encouraged.

The wages of weakness. When America projects confusion, weakness, chaos and radical Leftist, Globalist political agendas the world is a very dangerous place.

Do you think that something like this attack above is not possible here in America given the massive numbers of illegals being strategically ushered into the country by the radical Left Democrats? Do you really think that all of them are here just for economic refuge from those Socialist and authoritarian countries from which they are escaping? Personally, I do not.

Weakness can only bring more of the same. One strategic opportunity leads to another.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/7/23

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