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Updated: May 11

Timing (and good decisions) are everything in love and war and in life in general. And especially in politics.

This timing where Steve Bannon, former Navy officer, historian, former Goldman Sachs executive, political analyst, political strategist, War Room host and former Trump administration official and patriot apparently will be following Peter Navaro into prison for refusing a subpoena to testify before Congress. He and Navaro claimed presidential immunity, but the courts disagreed.

The Democrats when in power are ruthless and play hard ball!

In the constant political battlefield that was and continues to be the Trump administration both Bannon and Navaro might had better been advised to show up to Congress and just refuse to answer questions based on their positions with the president. Thus, negating this legal / political knee capping. Now they are both legally, strategically being taken out of contention as strong Trump spokes persons as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

A bad strategy.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/10/24

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