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I think we can agree that New York State and the full blood communist State of California are the "progressive" Democrat party ground zero Socialist dominated cities in the United States. And what do we find? Starting from Kindergarten the indoctrination of a very harmful and really evil when you dig down on it, curriculum in their schools. And this woman and the education program in the story below seem to be the best representation of what the "progressive" under the cover of the now Leftist dominated and highjacked Democrat party's focus is all about.

"Progressive" education: Teaching what to think, not how to think.

Now I know many people who like to call themselves "progressive" Democrats and they talk about American "colonialism", rampant "racism" in America, anti-gay America, anti-Capitalism and the virtues of Socialism, anti-Palestinian, pro Jew, anti-money and blah, blah, blah the list goes on and on.

And I think that many in America are becoming tired of this very weak, narrow and dangerous view of America and what it is and what it is not. And like many things the "progressive" Democrats who are now essentially radical Leftist dominated in their philosophy. Whether they recognize that fact or not. Attach themselves to isolated individual grains of fool's gold truth in their idealistic political rhetoric logic. It is very narrow and shallow. But isolated individual grains of idealistic political fool's gold truth regarding "A" subject, political or social does not a political gold bar make.

Indoctrination and teaching what to think and not education and teaching how to think is the main focus of the idealistic "progressive" Democrats today and it is a form of infiltration and political warfare. You have children? You have grandchildren? You have great grandchildren? Well, if you continue to allow such evil to fester and advance in academia and in the schools of America, no matter what the teachers of these evil philosophies sexual or gender orientation might be, then by extension you also are evil to my eye.

And I am fairly certain that is not for one second what you intend as an everyday Democrat oriented citizen and American voter.

Are you an American? Or are you a Comrade? If you are a comrade, then you are good with everything going on in politics and the country including how your political party is currently flooding the country with your future comrades. If you are an American however, then you have got some thinking and choosing to do.

And here is a bonus related story about just how what you can only classified as mentally ill the "progressives" and the adjustments being made in law to accommodate their restructuring of the justice system: Pictured: Serial carjacker, 27, who murdered former Trump official Mike Gill and second man on same night before being shot dead by cops, as crime soars and AG claims arrests and prosecutions won't solve crisis | Daily Mail Online

Maryland Attorney General (D): "Arrests and prosecutions will not solve the problem".

And PS: Remember as per the World Economic Forum and the U.N. types: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy". And that as a comrade is what your future holds.

Remember, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. And realize, if the Constitution did not exist this "progressive" foolishness would not even be allowed to be spoken of. I find that ironic.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/4/24

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