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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

And how are the self-righteous likes in the Political Realm like Lori Lightfoot, former disastrous by any commonsense standard measure mayor of Chicago being rewarded after a job well done? (Is that a duck I see?)

Definition: Job Well Done, Political Realm, radical "Progressive” Democrat: A politically empowered individual who has directly effectively promoted and caused massive violent gun deaths, massive drug addiction, massive crime, massive financial destruction, has promoted extreme racism, who has destroyed all rational constructs of law and order and has further manufactured the people’s dependency on government.

How are these politicians counter to all commonsense standards apparently rewarded? A $20 million dollar Simon and Schuster book deal? Multiple $500K speaking engagements in Russia, Saudi Arabi, or China? The outright selling of their political office through multiple millions of dollars funneled into multiple LLC front companies facilitated by family members once removed? A high paying high prestige university administration gig? Apparently not in this case? (Is that a duck?)

This individual, Lori Lightfoot, is someone who is going to be further empowered, encouraged and rewarded. She is going to teach at Harvard University!

And she joins at this highest of the high institutions of education the likes of her fellow disgraceful philosophical Marxist dolt and dullard, William Wilhem (Bill Deblasio) former mayor of the former greatest city on planet earth directly thanks to him and his radical Democrat party machine “Progressive” political agenda. Are you beginning to understand how this works yet?

(If you identify as a Democrat, you are probably NOT a radical, you are however captive.)

What in fact have they accomplished to be rewarded in such a manner? Purposeful fiduciary abandonment which is IMO tantamount to treason? But they inhabit the Political Realm and are rewarded instead of suffering consequences for their incompetence and deceptions.

And who’s fault is it really?

Like it or not, it is YOU! Elections have consequences.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/2/23

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Jun 03, 2023
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