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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

With all of these now multi decade, octogenarian, highly experienced but stagnant political hangers on office holders, both Republican and Democrat. Desperate all to not die and desperate to strategically not surrender their political power player offices. Where is the future?

Where is the future? Here is the future.

Viveck Ramaswamy at this point in time if he continues on his current trajectory is one of the next generation future players of the rational Republican party in America, IMO anyhow.

Vivek Ramaswamy is young, smart, well-spoken, very successful and talks about real issues and real solutions, no personal finger pointing and no bad mouthing. And he talks about fundamental American based Constitutional concepts and rational capitalism that he recognizes as being essential to a prosperous and fair America and its future.

And he soundly rejects Globalism and the authoritarian CCP like world that the radical Liberal now Leftist Democrat and ineffective RINO Republican parties are attempting to fashion America into.

AND maybe most importantly along with all of that Viveck can smoothly Rapp, he knows all the words and he bridges the generation gap. He seamlessly connects with young people and the up-and-coming generation. And that is something that is without doubt missing from today's Republican party.

*There is a class of American both in the private sector and the politically empowered sector who believe that our American way of life and governance is passe and needs to be abandoned and surrendered to a more monolithic and authoritarian model. That is called Socialism. The Cubans are Socialist, we are not Socialist. No apologies.

And this class of Americans exist in both political parties whether they are willing to recognize that fact or not. Much of these political positions are based in some degree of ignorance in the pursuit of better and a more streamlined and less adversarial organization and a control over people and government. And this is a foolish childish even lazy perspective.

Our American Constitutionally structured form of governance is based in an objective sense of law and justice that focuses on the freedom of the individual both in their speech and their actions. For the most part anyway, it is not perfect, but it is the best we and everyone else has.

Those who seek this *NEW* way of thinking about America and the Constitution that structures it are more focused on the subjective perspective where people apparently desperately need their government to instruct them in what they should be allowed to say, think, do and what they can own. And this apparent apathy or frustration with our system presents a golden opportunity for all of those in the world who seek the destruction of our country.

America and its objective form of governance is structured for political warfare and that political warfare is essential and that struggle is in fact what keeps our country healthy and moving positively into the future. In a football game how do you find out who is the better team and who wins? Do you get all of your players together line them up and then negotiate the ending score and who wins based on someone's subjective opinion about who they personally (subjectively) like better? Of course not, you must play the physical game in order to know who prevails and who wins. And it is the same with politics. In our system that "physical" confrontation, that struggle in politics forces those politically empowered players to reveal in some great measure the truth to the public and the public in the end indicates who has played the game best, who won and who leads. And that is objectively where reason, fairness, freedom and prosperity for the individual exists.

Politicians as a rule do not want to be honest with the public about what they think, intend or are in pursuit of, that is not the job of any politician (Read: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY ( Objective truth is actually a direct threat to all political power. And the battle, the political struggle does force politicians and political parties to reveal the truth to the people over time. And that is what the American Constitution is all about. And the political struggle is eternal and is never at rest.

And so based on who the public detect as having their and their country's best interests at the forefront, the public continues in that particular direction. OR the public makes an adjustment. That is the theory and that is the responsibility of the American public.

What has all this resulted in? We can plainly see our own current government in control of the policies and administration surrendering our American sovereignty and borders, our military superiority, our freedom to say what we please, our personal sovereignty over our bodies, our financial security etc. And most glaring, surrendering our objectivity in our law and justice systems where they have now both been weaponized in one political party seeking advantage over the other in order that their subjective agenda of control over the country and people be permanently installed as the *NEW* philosophy and theory of governance.*

And I believe that Viveck Ramaswamy absolutely rejects these foolish, childish, lazy and Socialist ruminations.

Very refreshing and optimistic to my eye, someone the more Conservative among the young can look to for hope and leadership regarding free speech and freedom. And that is sorely missing today in America.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/12/23

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

To my knowledge, only one man has ever given up power voluntarily. It's not in human nature to do this, so when it happened, it's no wonder that George III called George Washington--the man who had defeated his great army--"the greatest man in the world."

What Washington did was and still is astounding. What Feinstein, McConnell, and so many others have done is many things--disgusting, selfish, self-serving, greedy--but not surprising in the slightest.


Jackie Hiles
Jackie Hiles
Aug 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The Senior, Senior member's of our government are revealing their true selves.

Not making a clear and intelligent exit plan is selfish, period!

It is difficult to watch Feinstien and McConnell fall apart before our eyes.

I will include Justice Ginsberg in this.

Selfish, what points are being proven by staying too long!! It is detrimental to the country you were elected to serve.

Just my humble opinion!

Replying to

The control of power both for the individual and the political party becomes strategically paramount over all else, that is the game. It is the nature of the beast. And this brings out my continuing point about the two realms: The Pedestrian Realm and the Political Realm. And those who become politically empowered by the people in the Political Realm are in real terms transformed and so they will do anything in order to remain relevant and in power.

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