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Updated: Jun 3

I have heard from several people who either live in or visit Europe, they say; "What is wrong with America? Why is its politics so crazy?".

Or I have conversations with friends and family, and they say something to the effect; "No one is above the law!" or "Trump is now a convicted Felon, he is officially a criminal. Would you vote for a convicted criminal for president? (It all depends, what are my choices?)

And the answer to both questions is America must be allowed to have its "Crazy" system and unusual process, there is a purpose to it all. Trump being convicted of what can be reasonably characterized as charges confabulated by his political opponent's is the best thing for America and the world to my thinking. In time anyway.

The Constitution has formulated all personal and political potentials and possibilities within its structure. It also structures the Objective rules and concepts in law and justice essential to ensure the freedom of the people and their having equality before the law. And within those Objectively structured rules and concepts all the rope you need to hang yourself personally or politically exists; all choices have consequences. Consequences both in the Pedestrian Realm and the Political Realm.

All such personal or political equations both short and long term must at some point in time come into balance, however temporary or fluid that new balance may be.

​THE PUBLIC OR THE "PEDESTRIAN REALM": The individual citizens of any civilization, society, state or country. POLITICALLY EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP OR THE "POLITICAL REALM": Any macro empowered individual or governing entity, or their direct subordinates concerned with the formulation and implementation of laws, strategies and policies, both civil and military. And there are esoteric and "not allowed" extension levels to this realm. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

And the new balance itself is always evolving and is never settled and is never perfect.

The sun itself is hurtling through space and every second finding a new balance, that is the nature of things. Your life and politics are exactly the same.

Everyone MUST operate within the specified structure of the Constitution. And when the choice is made to abandon it, then America will be over. America will be over, and chaos will prevail, and freedom will become entirely the Subjective authoritarian opinion of your new Lord and masters who have prevailed by abandoning the structure of the Constitution. The exact opposite of the well thought out design and intent of the Constitution, which is the freedom of the people.

The Constitution is always under pressure from those who seek to control political power on both sides of the equation as they attempt to secure a more favorable balance for their ideology, interests, agendas and tribe. That is the nature of competition and that is also the nature of warfare. And make no mistake about it, this as I have pointed out many times is political warfare, and it is good in the long-term IMO.

The opposing pressures and competition in politics are every second seeking a new balance, as contentious as it may become. Just like the sun.

In nature, in markets and in politics there must be opposition in order to remain healthy, relevant and in balance. And in politics as in markets it is the public that must be the final arbiter of what "IT" must have. What "IT" chooses as the new balance.

So, former president D.J. Trump is now a convicted felon as a result of the efforts of his political opposition. And it is the best thing for America and the world right now, he is the vehicle in the process to the new balance.

The best thing that is if people are able to see through the chaos of the political vortex and realize how important they are as individuals to finding that new balance in the ever-fluid and changing process. Your freedom and the freedom of the world depends on your ability to realize this.

Note: Any politician who insists that they are the morally superior candidate is guaranteed to be the greatest threat to all. Why? Because there is no morality in politics. Morality only exists within the Pedestrian Realm and does not exist in the Political Realm. Never has, never will.

Good for thee but not for me.

Tara Reade credibly accuses Joe Biden of sexual assault, but no one can hear her, she has to flee the country: A Timeline Of Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden (

The concept of morality does not exist in the Political Realm, it is all about winning by any means necessary.

This is our system; this is our process. So, choose wisely, there are no guarantees, all potentials exist.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/2/24

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