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First, and this choice will be essential if Trump is to win the 2024 presidential race is who he chooses as his vice-presidential pick. Because they in theory will continue on for two more terms. And for that to be manifest they must be competent, be a true strong leader, an unassailable patriot and understand how the political warfare game is played today and play it to win.

Man or woman (and they will be one or the other) they have to be a true leadership power asset. Maybe even someone who outshines Trump in some more conventional ways. But they have got to be solid and not just a symbolic pandering selection.

If Trump were to prevail, and IMO the Democrats have not even begun in their efforts in stopping him and all potentials still exist. All potentials exist up to and including the hammer and tong lawfare and even jailing him in the Banana Republic / Stalinist style politics we all see and worse. I leave that potential to your imagination.

Remember, it is the Democrat party machine AND a good percentage of the permanent government "Deep State" and every three-letter agency filled to the brim with those who suckle at the teat of the government and who have those nice undeniable benefits and pensions. They like the ever bigger and bigger dependency on government and that tends to be delivered by the permanent Democrats and the permanent RINO Republicans in power. Both of which despise Trump and desperately want him gone because he represents a direct threat to their political and personal self-interest$.

And so, the second most important selection Trump must make if he were to prevail in the 2024 presidential race is his choice for Attorney General. You know, like, Eric Holder, Obama's "Wing Man". Or even better the ever so "unbiased" and "unpartisan" totally "objective" Biden Attorney General, Marrick Garland, stellar!

Supporting stellar evidence: 5 min.

These are the essential choices Trump and whomever is advising him on such things are attempting to sort out right now. And from where I sit Trump does not given his pervious choices for these positions have a good record in this area. Although I thought Mike Pence was a good vice president. But I thought both Trumps choices for Attorney General were not aligned with the will philosophy of the president and what was brought against him by his political enemies to say the least.

If Trump is to prevail, we will see if his learning curve is on the downside, and he is now fully aware of and read in on the treachery involved in Washington D.C. politics. Instead of still being on the upside and still learning the treacherous political ropes. I think we can all agree that politics, especially at this level is without doubt treacherous. Trump thought dealing with the Mob was corrupt, challenging, slimy and dangerous? HA!

This next set of choices both must be very strong leaders in their own rights that are proven competent, rational, fair, benevolent Conservatives and ready to roll. Choices who may even overshadow Trump in some ways. This will be Trump and his egos biggest test. Can Trump rise above himself, become more than and elevate someone who may in many ways be his equal or superior in his eyes?

A great leader will understand themselves in the proper context, suppress their ego and given the circumstances become more than what their own ego will usually allow in order to ensure a proper leadership legacy in America's future.

And of course, these choices, these competent leadership quality individuals must be willing to jump into the blow torch pit of political fire and extreme partisan politics and all that they understand will go along with it. So, by definition, obviously they must first be masochists. But second, they must be intractable patriots. These are modern day selfless re Founders of America type qualities and are rare in the world. But that is what is needed today. Desperately needed.

These two choices must be perfect if Trump is truly going to be successful and America is to move into the future in some rational positive manner aligned with the Constitution and America remaining the leader and the light, as imperfect as that may be. There is no other choice, no other way.

Note: You may despise Trump, you may even hate Trump, but you must balance your personal feelings against America further being invaded and literally destroyed by the now radicals that exist within the Democrat party. Because that is exactly what they intend if you have not noticed, and you are the only one that can stop it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/4/24

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Jun 04
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For Attorney General, Trump has to pick someone who is absolutely fearless and uncompromised, because he or she has to break the back of the swamp critters. All of them--Dems and RINO's, as well as the "permanent bureaucracy." As for the Dems showing us how far they will go, they've actually been doing that since 1861. By ANY means necessary means that EVERY possibility you can think of is on the table, from assassination to civil or world war or deadly pandemic. A leopard doesn't change its spots.

Replying to

When cornered and there is a credible perception of an existential result being suffered all and anything can be justified. Et Tu, Brute? ANYTHING! And we are there IMO.


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You just summed it all up Trump knows what’s at steak, and he will pick the correct individual because he knows that if his legacy is going to be continued, and America is to be saved, he’ll pick the right person to continue the job

And he will be POTUS #47. JHF

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The Democrats have not yet shown just where and how far they will go. Not even close.

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