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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Is the strategy of the radical "progressive" Left, you know those people who seek to own you like in the World Economic Forum, is it to tag young rational Democrats or young rational Conservatives and American Nationalists with their label in order to dirty them up and make suspect their motives? And there by deflating and sidetracking their political aspirations? And it makes perfect sense. Pure dirty, filthy political strategy sense.

OR, they believe that they can overwhelm with flattery up and coming aspirational rational Democrats and Conservative politicians with all of the wealth and power they will have access to and thereby in time pull them over to their side of the equation and own and control them? That also makes perfect pure dirty, filthy political strategy sense. I suspect that similar has been done to others like Tulsi Gabbard (D)? Stay tuned on that.

You remember the World Economic Forum, right?

World Economic Forum: Klaus Schwab: "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy".

And they do not bother to mention, you will also be required to do as you are instructed and live as you are told.

In the end Ramaswamy after several times instructing the WEF representative to cease and desist associating him with them, he is currently suing them.

I like Presidential candidate Viveck Ramaswamy. He is smart and he is sharp as a razor, he is likable, he is young, he fundamentally understands America and the promise of the Constitution and Capitalism, individuals' self-determination and soundly rejects Socialism.

Vivek might make one hell of a vice president for four years someday. And then eight more as president? That would not bother me. JGL 7/11/23

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