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"The Post witnessed around 600 migrants amassed at the international border on the Mexican side, who the Texas National Guard were attempting to push back in small groups amid a ‘spring surge’ of migrants arriving to the southern border hoping to get asylum in the US."

All young healthy men. They are going to make great son in-laws.

"A migrant TikToker with a 500,000-strong online following is offering his comrades tips on how to “invade” unoccupied homes and invoke squatter’s rights in the United States."

Some in politics in your country are telling you that it is their right to come to America illegally. IT IS THEIR RIGHT. They were invited by the political leadership of a certain political party to "rush the border".

Now if you are a knee jerk voter in America can you figure out how you think that you might be voting in the coming presidential election? Can you figure that out? Are you still an American? If there still is an America that is.

Someone at some point is going to have to take care of business. Is that someone you?

Authoritarian chaos and force are the signature moves of the radical Socialists anywhere that they are allowed to exist and prosper.

Starts with "T" ends with "Eason".

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/21/24

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