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Updated: May 30

Remember, in political correctness and the radical America hating Liberal / Leftist political agenda we all perish. America is STILL in the long term the solution and not the problem.

It is short and self-explanatory: 19 min.

This kind of what can only be characterized as being a faulty and let's say mentally deficient, half assed and self-delusional theory in personal and political ideology in our country cannot, must not be our future.

This kind of forcing and brainwashing of thought, action and racist division is being used to destroy and not build, improve or move positively into the future. There is a segment of Americans who need a checkup from their self-delusional neck up.

Some sane reality from the Brits and Dr. John Campbell: 19 min.

A biological male can NOT contract uterine cancer. And a biological woman cannot contract prostate cancer: "The two most common cancers occur mainly or exclusively in one sex". Which is not to say that some human beings identify, exist and live in between the two. But that does not change their biology.

Healthcare is based on facts and real-world data.

CAVEAT: Which does not mean that you are required to love or like anyone or tolerate their particular biases, Subjective perversions and insanities. You give respect and you also expect respect, which creates MUTUAL RESPECT. It is a choice. Whatever biases and perversions are bouncing around in someone's / your brain over and above your interactions with others is their / your problem. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/27/24

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