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Updated: May 30, 2023

Not A Shot Is Fired

"Jan Kozak explains how the people of Czechoslovakia were manipulated into voting themselves into slavery. Through targeted mass agitation, a free government was transformed into a totalitarian dictatorship -- legally! Today more than ever, the revolutionary methods described by Kozak are being targeted against American liberties."

"Communist and socialist elements within a parliament initiate "policies and legislation which strengthen the hand of grassroots revolutionaries." They also connive to punish those who oppose the planned coup. "Meanwhile, grassroots revolutionaries whip up the appearance of popular support" for the revolutionary agenda "through strikes, rallies, petitions, threats, and - sometimes - sabotage. The 'pressure from below' by the small number of revolutionaries and their larger number of dupes is then used to 'justify' the centralization of power in the hands of the executive branch of the state. Wishy-washy politicians are intimidated, and the 'pressure from above' intensifies.

Each legislative victory results in new demands for even stronger legislation, which is relentlessly pursued by communists and their dupes in parliament - who claim that they are acting in the name of the popular will. The cycle continues until opposition is completely powerless, intimidated, or liquidated - and the revolution is a fait accompli." -- The New American magazine, July 5, 1999"

Sound familiar?

You can get it on Amazon, might be an enlightening read, $4.99 on Kindle.

Are you paying attention * YET * America? J.G.L. 5/19/23

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