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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

A fraud and in reality, an insult to any rationally thinking responsible persons who values their freedom to defend themselves and others in their country.

"Democratic Gov. John Carney of Delaware made two gun bills official on Friday morning that will prevent individuals from concealed-carrying guns within 1,000 feet of school and entertainment property as well as polling locations, the governor’s office told the Daily Caller News Foundation."

Gov. John Carney, Delaware: "The gun safety legislation that I signed this morning ensures that students and voters feel safe enough to participate in two of our most important institutions - our schools and our democracy."

And why exactly is this IMO a fraud? Let's dissect it, it won't take long.

This particular gun safety act is so that students and voters "FEEL" safe. I do not want to FEEL safe, I want to BE safe. And the governor goes on: He wants people to FEEL "safe enough". There is this mentality in the minds of those in the Political Realm politicians of a minimum degree of freedom and feeling safe and not a maximum degree of being free and being safe. All IMO about political posturing and a faux reality imagery being promoted by the political class in search of their own safety in being reelected and not any concern with true freedom and true safety while in public places. Politicians at the minimum have to do something and things like these kinds of laws make us all less safe and less free. In my opinion anyway.

And what is it that you create when you state that by law anyone who is concealed carrying will not be allowed at any time near a school or a listed public place? What does that say? That is now a free fire zone for anyone who desires to do some crazed violent act in those specifically listed places.

A law like the one now in Delaware should only be in place in places like a courthouse or similar where there is a strong known police presence where everyone is searched and goes through a magnetometer and the entire building is 100 percent in control of the police or armed professional security. Anything else is an open shooting gallery if there is no potential for a bad guy to be taken out by a trained good guy.

"Elisjsha Dicken, 22, who was at the mall with his girlfriend, drew his pistol and fatally shot the gunman." (And I want to say here that anyone who chooses to carry, open or concealed in public ideally needs to be properly trained.)

Well done, Elisjsha! A true hero and asset to the public and country.

In Delaware under this new set of laws when something goes down someone like Mr. Dicken out shopping with his girl tries to shield her and runs and hopefully survives the crazed nut that was having for whatever reason a "bad day". And it just remains to be seen what the death count will be before the police hopefully show up soon and take the shooter down. Or better yet, deploy their handy social worker response therapy team to talk it all out.

My main point here whether there is open or concealed carry in your state or city most all of these new law proposals by those politicians in the Political Realm are mostly hollow offerings and look at the gun being the issue and not the finger and what is attached to it that is the problem. This is the nature of politics.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/19/23

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