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I know, I know, pot, marijuana, gummies, CBD oil and vaping is legal now, in certain states anyway.

And you can choose to smoke it now at your Leasure or for valid medical reasons. In your house, in your car with the windows rolled up so you get the maximum effect, at work, you can smoke it on the street, and you can smoke it while you are running around on your gen X "micro transport" CCP electric scooter death machine with those little, tiny wheels at 30 mph. I know, I know, life is stressful.

But what you are not realizing, both men and women, is that if you smoke marijuana or almost worse is vaping which gives you an even more unnatural, I want to say a moldy Patchouli chemical odor? It is hard to describe. Even if you smoke in as careful a way that is possible, there is a smell about it that permeates your skin, your person, your hair, your essence and your clothes that is in a word, off putting. (Thats actually two words.) Certainly, some more than others I suppose based on the level of consumption. Is what it is.

And from what I can see you must not realize it. And or, you just do not care? Really? How can that be? Your mother must have something to say to you about it, no? Is she smoking too? Oy!

Now I know many people who do partake in the "wacky weed", vaping etc. and they are generally very nice people. And as a bonus they are very "Chill", and I like that. That makes my job easier, no muss no fuss, everyone is happy. But unfortunately, there is a smell about those who smoke that ranges for me from a stale smoldering rancid garlicy salami smell, all the way, and this walked in my business door the other day. To a man who came from his auto with the windows closed who reeked of a combination of fresh smoke and old stale marijuana ashes. He literally smelled like a walking full up human ash tray. It was like a punch in the face.

And this is an interesting characteristic that I have noticed. As soon as you walk in the door, the smell, and I do not know how it does this, the smell is transmitted immediately at the speed of light to the back of the store, and in a second, I know what the person who opened the door has been doing. It is quite amazing to me. Me and my can of Lysol that is.

So, this is just a quick heads up regarding what is a growing trend in our society that is something that I thought you might want to know about if you do choose to smoke and are finding some people tending to not want to be getting too close to you.

Now you know, but do you care? Does it matter?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/16/24

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