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As the Globalist, the Liberal, the radical Leftist, the Marxist, the "politically correct", "woke" authoritarians in the American Democrat and RINO parties actively seeks the neutering of Americans and their freedoms. The political powers that be at the moment seeks to wrestle from Americans, Canadians and basically all others in the civilized world their right to free speech, right to private property, right to self-defense and an individual's right to excellence and prosperity. This is what they intend and are actively in the process installing like a virus that invades and immobilizes and weakens if not kills its host outright.

These political usurpers are attempting to turn 180 degrees and upside down through chaos and the promotion of fear the foundation concepts that America is built upon and inoculates all from such evil viruses.

And you can see it all over American politics, but it is Canada which is the great Globalist "progressive" social laboratory administered by their political Socialist WEF tool, the Justine Trudeau government. We can all clearly see what our own government in America is up to, and we can better and more clearly see it on the front lines in the now Communist country known as Canada.

What in your opinion should a thief who is willing to break into your house where you sleep with your family and is armed with a gun and will shoot and kill you if you dare resist their "Urban Entrepeneur" criminal efforts? What do you think would tend to deter that brazen activity? The Canadian police suggest you just leave your keys by the door. The question remains I suppose should you place on your door a sign that reads:

"Door is open, car keys on the counter. The fridge is full if you want to make yourself a sandwich. Please remember to wipe your feet. Have a nice day".

From strategically wide-open American borders, to a massive government culture of dependency and spending, to a no bail no jail justice systems, to 16 year olds and illegals voting, to a minority of drug addicts allowed to live outdoors in tents and crapping on the street at the cost of the majority and the health and safety of everyone, to zero education but indoctrination in union-controlled schools, to legalized looting and theft (when you politically strategically flood a country with illegals for political dominance purposes who have no legal right to work you need a way for your shock troops to survive), to the mandated injection of experimental drugs into your body or you will lose your job or access to your bank account, to the gender bending policies that threaten the safety and prosperity of women and children, to the race pandering and rabble rousing BLM (Big Large Mansions) / DEI insanity, to the obvious weaponization of the justice system to diminish or jail your political opponents just like in all corrupt Socialist and Communist banana republic countries, to the destruction of the confidence that the people have in the law and justice system, to the projection of weakness and incompetence in the world and the feminizing of your military.

What exactly do you think all of this is about when you step back and take it all in?

These are ALL the policies that any government who seeks to own the people like so many cattle would execute in order to gain absolute authoritarian control.

You are not paying attention and you can only see things in emotional personal "Derangement" political terms? Well, that is how Ben Dover, citizen of the world and international knee pad salesman also sees things. Ben is here for you.

Are you in the market for a pair of knee pads? Because you are going to need them if you do not make the proper needed adjustments to your government and its leadership.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/15/24

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Mar 15
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Ben Dover (very funny) AND kneepads? Both? You are becoming a very naughty boy.

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