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Like all things radical, Liberal, Leftist, anti and un-American these media talking heads and many more apparently live in fear of what a Trump presidency will do TO THEM. You know, exactly what they have been doing and attempting to do to Trump and anyone who dared to proclaim themselves a rational Democrat, a Conservative and a patriot to their country since 2016.

From, CNN, to, MSNBC, from Maddow, to Scarborough, to Chris Mathews, to every dopey clucking hen on "The View" who are all apologists, promoters and operatives for the Democrat party / Obama surrender, punish and destroy America agenda.

Rachel Maddow's middle name should be "False". Maddow being probably the most dishonest and has the most partisan and perverted interpretation of what actual Objective journalistic truth is? Without doubt: Fact-checks | PolitiFact Rachel Maddow has a most perverted anti-American interpretation of truth, politics and reality. And she is very well paid for it.

Journalist: A person dedicated in some great measure to Objectively report the news of the day as best as they can determine through their efforts and sources.

Maddow in particular and many others in the MSM don't even attempt to appear being in any way shape or form a journalist. Let's dismiss that outright. Most all commentors in media today, especially on the Left are merely tools of the also Left and increasingly desperate and increasingly radical Left leaning Democrat party. And they in turn are promoters of that radical agenda. There is an expectation by the public in watching these operatives in media that they would dabble in some measure of truth-based opinion, but that too is to be dismissed.

Politician: A person who has aspirations to become politically empowered.

Any politician who has aspirations to becoming politically empowered by the people in an election HAS NO OBLIGATION TO DEAL IN ANY MEASURE OF TRUTH. I know that is counter intuitive for you to read, but it is exactly 100 percent so.

Politics is a sales job. Buyer beware!

Where does "The Truth" figure in to what any politician and what they have to say about the world, the country and governance? THE PEOPLE are to determine using their own common sense and experience who in politics is not being truthful and deceptive. And in some measure, determine which politician possess the greatest threat to their freedom, security, prosperity and country. Keeping in mind the truth has nothing to do with either politics OR government. Something else that is difficult and counter intuitive for your eyes to read.

"The Truth" is not the business that any politician or any government deals in. Are you crying now and yelling; No!, No!, No! You cannot be correct! But I am exactly correct, get over your distorted idea about what your Subjective truth is and what politicians and government is about. And of course, what a media talking head is and what the term journalist actually means. Politicians as well as government's business is power and control, not the truth.

Like everything that the media talking heads primarily on the Left and now radical Left in support of their radical Leftist associates in the Democrat party machine, dominated by the Barak Hussein Obama "Fundamentally Transform America" agenda pump out into the eyeballs and minds of the American public it is all counter to and against your freedom, security, prosperity and country. It is purely Subjective in the interests of further securing THEIR political power and control. It is exactly the opposite to what they say they are attempting to stop. A reelected President Trump representing the greatest threat to their political power and control. So that must be a good thing.

The now desperate and really mentally ill Left in media and politics accuse their opposition of doing exactly what they themselves are in fact in the process of doing. They are in a word dishonest at the very minimum. Do you enjoy being lied to by people who insist they are telling you the truth? But you know they are lying. I didn't think so.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/20/24

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