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Now I do not always agree with Bill Mahre, but on the subject of the "Woke" "Progressives" who are driving their particular IMO clearly insane and harmful political perspective in our country and the world he is a heat seeking missile!

(Remember, there is no progress in "progressivism", only retribution and authoritarian rule.)

Bill Mahre is a more traditional Liberal minded, I assume Democrat, and that is an American political animal and I can live with. However the "woke", "progressive" now radical Democrat party based movement which is based in a Marxist philosophy to my eye has little to do with being an American. Political or otherwise.

They are more like rabid political animals looking to destroy America to rebuild and reformulate it in what can only be seem as authoritarian Socialism at the minimum. And that I am pretty certain is not you.

These are three Bill Mahre cultural / political observations and commentaries that you might want to listen to if you find yourself not sure about what is really going on in our country and in our politics. We are all being bombarded with political, psychological manipulation and propaganda.

When Helping Is Wrong: 8:24 min.

From The River To The Sea: 8:12 min.

What do you think? Have you found yourself being drawn into the radical "progressive" requirement for mandated crazy think faux reality?

I was not raised, and I assume you also, to have others think for me and demand that I adhere to their harmful stupidity that empowers their destructive and authoritarian political perspective and agenda.

Remember, "Fundamental Change" in America means something very un American.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/17/23

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