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I found two simple things this morning related to the upcoming 2024 presidential election and found them both very interesting and enlightening.

First, I found this news item that featured fitness guru Jillian Michaels and what she had to say about why she left the now Communist authoritarian state of California.

Jillian Michaels and why she left Commiefornia: “I grew up here. I’m a woman. I’m a gay woman. My mom’s a Jew. My dad’s an Arab. I have a black kid. And believe it or not, my son is half Latin,” said Michaels. “I hold a million cards in your game of woke victimology poker. And when I leave California, maybe you’ve lost your f—king mind. When you have me running from home, maybe it’s gone way too far.”

There is that slice of real reality, and I just heard some of former president Trumps proposals regarding taxation in what may well be his second occupation of the White House.

1.The elimination of tips from taxation.


2. The elimination of personal income tax.

I think the elimination of the income tax requirement from anyone who receives tips would go a long way to stabilizing those workers who live on the margins or in the middle class who are waiters and waitresses and bust their asses every day to survive. If you as a serious politically empowered politician could manage that in some real and consequential manner that would go a long way to winning over those voters who knee jerk reject a presidential candidate based on party association or emotional repulsion.

I know many people, people among my family and friends, single mothers and fathers who I have great respect for given what I myself have witnessed them go through to make ends meet. Both in the past and in this now out of control UNNECESSARY government administration created inflationary American economy.

And in the elimination of the income tax, the great everyday American citizens wet dream, by replacing it with a tariff system is a very interesting and asymmetrical leadership proposal. Everyone in the world wants and needs access to the American economy. Either that or a very simplified flat tax proposal as per the likes of Steve Forbes. Which would essentially mean the elimination of about 2600 pages of the U.S. tax code.

Understand, government does not desire to free the American people, they seek to keep them under the pressure of its thumb and living in some measure of fear. The First Amendment, the Second Amendment and the people having real financial freedom would unleash the American people and economy in ways that no one can imagine. And government will do anything that they can to thwart those kinds of advanced, visionary, alternative and asymmetrical taxation proposals.

Trump, like him or despise him like you might, like it or not has a pretty good evidence-based track record of leadership, having a vision, moving towards that vision and making things work. Some Americans might say: "Oh, but abortion, I need access to abortion up to the moment of birth." And "Trump calls the purposeful invasion of America by illegal immigrants' by the Democrat party, illegal immigrants. I could never vote for him."

And then you have to consider the configuration of the Democrat party machines 2024 presidential ticket and the real-world fact that it will more than likely be a Kamala Harris administration soon after the election if they can prevail. At this point given the current presidents physical and mental condition that still IMO remains in question.

The MO of the extremely partisan and divisive Democrat party does not require a real leader in the president's position, they just require a symbolic Borg like mouthpiece I.E. a Potemkin Hollywood facade president. That and their authoritarian policies that is.

There are two kinds of leadership: The first is the kind of leader who is "next" in line and fills an executive position and does things based in fear of losing their job due to some perceived mistake or miscalculation. They are just filling a spot, a human traffic cone. And usually there few consequences suffered for failure.

And then there is the second kind of leadership: True leadership involves vision, drive and aspirations regarding innovation and excellence and moving into the future in a positive manner and building true substantive value for more than them. Everyone benefits from true leadership. And there are real consequences suffered for failure.

Most politicians fill the first example of the definition of leadership, and few fill the second definition. Who has in the past filled the second definition of leadership? The Founders of and the formulators of America and the constructors of the Constitution. True visionaries, leaders and geniuses all. The pinnacle of true Progressive thinking and action.

And you could include in that list pretty much anyone, male or female, black, white or whatever who has established a successful sustainable business small or large in the real world.

(Success in America is not a function of forced DEI policies, race or promoting racism, fear and hatred. Those are all dark pessimistic and childish political manipulation ways of creating faux success and dividing people in the further acquisition of political power and control in a race to mediocracy, division and cultural dependency on government and failure.)

Now you tell me where you want to place your political bet at this most critical moment in time in American and world history.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/15/24

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