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Updated: Apr 7

A buddy sent me this, it is both entertaining and it is a revealing Youtube compilation. 

The radical "progressives" (Essentially read Communists, although they would not agree, but the effects of their thinking and proposed "solutions" would mandate it). Who now dominate the Democrat party in America apparently believe that everyone needs to pander and bow to the thinking and leadership of a minority of what can only be characterized as mentally self-confused and very highly narrowly and ideologically "educated" people with too much luxury, free time and freedom to think on their hands.

They apparently believe that they are at this time qualified to seek the reinvention of the nature of the human being, culture and society.

And of course, then America, which has provided all of this luxury, free time and freedom to think like the mentally self-confused should be erased from the face of the earth in order to be replaced with...................................Socialism or some proposed contrived version of Socialism. And Socialism is just Communism without the loaded guns pointed at your head. But it is coming.

They propose surrendering our form of governance to a Socialistic form or some contrived version of it must by necessity be dominated by authoritarian rule, mandated behavior, mandated thought and speech.

That is not progress, that is self-induced suicidal mental illness IMO.

And I am not saying that differently oriented people should not be respected and even given some extra room and compassion to find their way in life. Not at all, all interactions between human beings should be based in mutual respect.

Suicide however for the country and the rational productive majority is not on my menu of solutions to the perceived, imagined or real issues and problems of America and the world.

Where we find ourselves today: 8 Min.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/6/24

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Apr 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Luxury indeed--most of these people are simply drama queens. Like my cat, who pretends to be afraid of my neighbor's dog, when the fact is that he could take the dog with two paws tied behind his back, and he knows it. (So does the dog).

Oh, and never forget that Socialism is just Communism without the guns.

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