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A family member just sent me this video analysis of the D.J. Trump fraud trial and I thought my answer would be interesting. They are not a Trump fan to say the least, takes Trump very personally. And I certainly understand that.......But.

The message? "I know your head may explode, but I hope you listen to the whole program, in the interest of balance 😀 Love ❤️. Fair enough, I watched it.

This was very interesting to be honest. Mr. Feldman is very well spoken and intelligent, logical and palatable. I get the impression that he does not favor and approve of Mr. Trump and his spawn. But that could just be me :)

A very moral and measured man. 1hr. 7 min.

To put under a microscope a particular individual's 40 year life in business in Manhattan and the world at that level is interesting to say the least. I suspect that if all things were equal, the NY state attorney general did not just realize what actually goes on in banking and real estate in New York City for the last 40 plus years. Should we now anticipate massive investigations into most all real estate companies in Manhattan and NYS and their past deals and the massive fining and possibly confiscation of property and or jailing of many? We wait for that, but don't hold your breath.

I suspect that a wide-ranging rooting out of alleged similar massaging of numbers and valuations in the real estate and banking industries will not be taking place. ONLY for Trump.

We wait to see where these very specific and very targeted investigations focused on one particular individuals' business deals and practices go. And then we remember that we are really talking about politics. And on balance as an illustration lets choose just two associated same level political counter parts to big picture macro balance Mr. Feldman's analysis.

I will just use two same political level example players and their documented activities to try to not forgive Mr. Trumps possible over 40 year business career offences or manipulations. But to just to look at the political legal strategy calculation that is IMO ongoing in order to legally and politically kneecap the Democrat party's main and most formidable political competitor. This is lawfare.

1. Hillary Clinton, former First Wife of President Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate. Hillary and Bill accepted into the Clinton Foundation several direct payments from the Russians to the tune of if I remember correctly around $125 million dollars. All while Mrs. Clinton sat on or was the final say possibly once removed in a sale of 20% of Americas uranium supply. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal - The New York Times ( The New York Times article is actually very highly detailed and well researched. Was this a quid pro quo for the then Secretary of State who was scheduled to be installed as the next and first female president of the United States (D)? No one in government at the time apparently dared to question this transfer of very valuable essential U.S. uranium resources to a direct competitor and potential enemy. And if you dared even question what Hillary Clinton, the "next president" was in favor of who knows where you would find yourself and your political career? And no one in government or the DOJ or the FBI cared? I assume they all knew about it and knew not to know anything. Curious to me. And we will not mention the 30 thousand deleted, bleach bitted private server emails during that same time. OR the physically smashed and destroyed devices that contained who knows what information about the Uranium One deal and who knows what other deals related "donations" to the next future president's foundation?

James Comey, head of the FBI in a never-before-seen news conference went on for 13 minutes about all of the reasons that Ms. Clinton should be indicted. But Mr. Comey, not the Attorney General, could not justify doing such a thing. Why was the head of the FBI even having a news conference on this subject? Curious, no?

Macro power politics does not appear to be about morality like Mr. Feldman attempts to insist on in his Pedestrian Realm based Trump civil trial analysis. And make no mistake about it, Mr. Trumps woes are directly related to macro power politics and who gets to control it all. And there is NOTHING as we can all plainly see that is beyond those in the empowered Political Realm's ability to say or do to ensure their control of that political power. NOTHING! Up to and including murder, metaphorical or literal IMO.

How do you properly understand the justifications for such things? MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY ( 2. Joe Biden has for the last 40 years in sworn elected government office from what evidence is now understood has been for sale. And he apparently through the growing evidence has put in place his son and or his brothers where he provided certain influences in government and or policy for monetary considerations. And that is from corporations and foreign governments. His son Hunter for many years was put on the boards of many U.S. corporations that his father had direct government policy influence over. And Hunter, apparently due to the computer from hell in a conversation with I believe his daughter stated: "I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years". Why and how did he exactly do such a thing? You may be aware of the "Computer from hell" that Hunter left at a computer repair store filled with a mass of evidence against the Bidens, but the FBI, the main law investigation agency of the U.S. Government was unable to see any of it. Even though they had a copy of the device and all of the information. And there are other emails referring to certain lucrative Chinese business deals that were apparently facilitated by Joe Biden and "The brand" through his son: "Hold 10 percent for "The Big Guy". And of course, there is Hunter receiving $80K a month from Burisma while sitting on their board and Joe facilitating the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. Joe: "I told him, if the prosecutor is not fired you are not getting the billion dollars". Referring to cash that the U.S. government was about to give to Ukraine that they desperately needed that as vise president Joe Biden sat in management over. And then the apparent

$5million each for Joe and Hunter after Hunter demanded it from his Chinese partners. Remember the: "I am sitting here with my father" threat? And then there is this: "Joe Biden Paid Almost $2.75 Million in Cash for Beach House Around the Time Hunter Seemingly Threatened His Business Partners: Report". Who has $2.75 million in cash sitting around? A former senator / vice president, really? Do you? This is a long, complex and very much growing in evidence Biden family list of deals so I will stop here, but what is the macro takeaway as this all relates to politics and the D.J. Trump civil fraud trial?


But they sure are interested in the last 40 years of every detail of the D.J. Trump business organization. Especially after he as an outsider in politics dared displace the anointed "First Female President (D)". And he remains the only and direct very credible threat to the Democrat party machine in the next presidential election. So, like I said, Mr. Feldman's video analysis is actually very interesting in the micro Pedestrian Realm perspective. But when we dial it out to the Political Realm macro perspective what is it that is revealed? What is it all really about? And I will leave you to answer that question.

This illustrates the power of what the Constitution like no other system intends and structures. In the end the people will be to some great degree informed about the truth and what their elected politicians are doing. What is your macro objective political perspective truth?

It is up to you to judge, by design.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/2/23

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