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"Compassion" kills, right at your own front door? What does that mean?

If you read this story about a California billionaire who is willing to lease to the city a parcel of land for the price of $1.00 a year for 5 years. Why is he doing that? In order that the city can build a temporary tiny house community of 150 small individual living units for a price of $18 million dollars.

And what is wrong with that? In the article it does not mention that the vast majority of those who live on the streets in the Bay area, in San Francisco and most all other Democrat dominated cities around the country are on drugs of some sort or another. And it does not mention that many of those who live on the streets besides being addicted to drugs, are alcoholics and probably have mental illness issues of one sort or another.

And so why is it irrational compassion to provide these needy individuals with housing? It is irrational compassion without by the facts in the article not having any requirements that anyone who receives a unit must not be on drugs, and if they are on drugs, they are enrolled in a drug treatment program and no longer taking drugs. And if they are raging alcoholics and have mental illness they are enrolled in a program and monitored and or under the care of a doctor and are taking their prescribed medication.

This is where this entire attempt to solve the homeless problem in these cities fails, there are no requirements of reformed behavior and lifestyle as far as I can see. Low standards is no standards and a program like this IMO is doomed to fail in the long term and will only accomplish the exact opposite of what is intended. Government will and does incentivize people to continue doing exactly what they are currently doing. Only in a more comfortable hopefully cleaner and out of sight situation.

And you also might ask: What is the intention of this billionaire and the Bay Area government? Well of course they are concerned about the individual people and getting them off of drugs and getting therapy to improve their lives and become productive proud members of society, right? WRONG! There is political heat coming from rational people who intuitively know it is all wrong, and they vote. (Not that voting is so relevant anymore in these locations)

The billionaire probably means well and the leasing of the land to the government is really nothing to him, and he is trying to do something to clean up his city. And the government and the political class has in real terms caused the situation by adopting a more Liberal philosophy regarding law enforcement, rounding up disorderly alcohol and drug addicted individuals and drying them out.

There are people who for whatever reasons, and they are many, who do drugs and drink alcohol and commit crimes and live on the streets and society (government) in fact incentivizes their activities through the many programs that exist that incentivizes their behavior and choices. People will do what they want, what they are compelled to do for the most part and there is not much that anyone can do about it. But you do not incentivize, support and allow the behavior that they are engaged in. People who are out of control or down on their luck need guidance and real but strong compassion in their lives. Not phony, symbolic ineffective government programs.

To my point: "Progressive" empowered politicians in government and law enforcement are making unacceptable and irresponsible choices: 'Free fentanyl': Homeless sex offender camped near San Fran school (

And here is a tidy solution from the ever-expanding "progressive" government authoritarians to our north in Canada: Canada Will Legalize Medically Assisted Dying For People Addicted to Drugs ( (I still say that Justine Trudeau looks a lot more like Fidel Castro than Piere Trudeau, and that would explain a lot about where Canada sees itself today)

Government, politics, the eternal seeking of the acquisition of, and the retention of political power and politicians are clearly the problem and never the solution. For this and most all other problems in the world. Trust no politician by their words, only trust their deeds. The largess of government can be a deadly drug that promotes dependency and what you see in your country today.

And now we find ourselves at the point where government can offer through legal means to take control of an individual and get them dried out, get them in a program to redirect their lives in order to become a productive working individual. Maybe not all of them but some.

BUT, if government cannot or will not do that, they as individuals have to choose that. And many to most of them are unable or unwilling to make that choice, they are frozen in their sad lives. Facing oneself and one's life and all of the possible traumas that might befall one is difficult. But then again, nothing worthwhile is easy.

Individuals down on their luck or in a dark terminal spiraling trajectory must choose to improve their lives, to get off drugs, to stop drinking, to get a job, to get a proper place to live. THEY MUST CHOOSE IT. And if they are unable or unwilling to choose it because they are either mentally unable to, or they are on drugs or are constantly intoxicated they desperately need to be interacted with and dealt with by government and law enforcement in order that they be given at least a chance to choose.

Within legal means politicians and the government which they populate must introduce the word *NO* into some people's lives. You can change a person's life by introducing the word *NO* into their lives, it gives them pause and provides an opportunity to stop and properly choose a path that benefits themselves. Benefits themselves and everyone who they interact and live with and are in contact with. Sometimes it is just that simple. The word *NO* or even an insightful question by an objective nonjudgmental individual can change a person's life.

And the reality is that some people just want to do drugs, be intoxicated, live in squalor, commit crime in order to facilitate their choices, be dependent and blame others for their situation, and live rough on the streets. Not everyone can be saved or warehoused by the government. Some even need to be arrested and held. But that to many "progressives" because it is apparently racist are violently oppose such actions that might actually save a person or deny them their opportunity to commit crimes and further destroy their community.

The "progressive" definition of freedom is actively destroying America, "Fundamentally Transforming" it you might say. And I have no problem with degrees of change, either to the Left or the Right. But there are reasonable limits to these changes and the "progressives" have gone way, way too far and represent a real threat to you and your freedom.

There is no compassion or "freedom" in allowing people to destroy themselves and especially to destroy the community within which they exist. And that is what the majority of the local, primarily "progressive" governments around the country who most all happen to be of a certain political orientation and in control of these situations propagate and even promote in the furtherance of their political power.

This "progressive" agenda of general societal destruction, death cult rules and the perversion of laws, justice and "Fundamental Transformation" effectively seeks to further entrap, destroy and make dependent the general public in order to be in absolute control of the associated political power. That is just the nature of the government beast and have no doubt about it government is the beast and is the eternal threat to your common sense and your freedom. And the stories above are but a real-world example and warning to you.

You know intuitively know as a rational person that this is all wrong and immoral. But you are unable to believe that your own government has perpetrated it against their own people. But they have. With the best of intentions? Intentions and results are two different things.

And that is the key to government and the empowered Political Realms power, your unwillingness to believe what is right in front of your own eyes, plain to see and now at your own front door.

Government and political actors demand that you suspend your own common sense and self-interests and believe.

Stop doing what does not work, and if you choose to continue doing what does not work then it must be working for someone.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/20/23

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Oct 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And intentions are all that matters--not results. Besides, this billionaire and others who support his kind of "compassion" can congratulate themselves that they're "doing something." It's all about feeeeelings.

Replying to

POINT! Trsut them not by their words, or their emotions, but by their deeds and results. And we can all see what the real results are. But you MUST suspend your common sense.

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