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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

A friend writes asking me to give my opinion on a news story related to former president Trump's alleged statement: Donald Trump Says He Never Swore Oath 'to Support the Constitution' (

And the headline in the media for my friend says it all. BUT.

All this is a part of a technical legal argument ongoing in several courts around the country where the Democrat aligned IMO organizations are attempting to technically exclude Trump from their states ballot in the 2024 preidential election. None will be succesful, IMO.

And to my knowledge no one, especially Mr. Trump, was charged with insurrection or rebellion. The 14th Amendment has nothing to do with and is not applicable, but legal arguments by the opposition will be made in an attempt to overcome that fact.

A political protest regarding the people communicating their displeasure with the results of a very contentious election where there were without doubt at the minimum questionable election accounting actions around the country, which is their Right, is not an insurrection. IT IS POLITICS. And at the max there were without doubt multiple documented partisan corruptions and perversions of our election and ballot counting system. Without doubt.

That being said, the protest that turned into a riot that turned into a breach of the Capital building, apparently by magical means. Who gave the order and who pushed the button in the Capital building that released the magnetic door locks? And there is evidence being revealed that clearly demonstrates that federal operatives were within the crowd and were participating in and apparently helping to drive the riot and the breach and were not charged. All while Nency Pelosi's daughter documented it all.

Who is Ray Epps? Ever hear of him? A curious apparently legally immune character, IMO should have been one of the first arrested. But he was not, and that is curious. ACTIONS and no appropriate consequences.

Riot, insurrection or rebellion? You tell me, who was charged with what? No one was charged with either. Just one more legal truth that is insurmountable. Sometimes politics can be violent, and when it is you are arrested, charged and disciplined, usually. Ask Ray Epps and his lawyers about that.

The first thing that the Constitution structures is political warfare, and have no doubt that is what we are all witness to.

Back to my response: Understanding your genuine principled concern for the Constitution and everyone's Rights and a former presidents WORDS or what his lawyers technically argued with words in a court before a judge and from your perspective and in your opinion, it may threaten the very existence of the Constitution. I understand that. I do not agree with it, but I understand it.

For perspective, have you heard of or are you aware of the present president and his ACTIONS from day one regarding the flooding of America with millions of illegal immigrants all unvetted and at the same time forcing you, me and everyone else to pay for them to invade through the confiscation of taxes? Hotel rooms, food, healthcare, education etc, etc., there is no limit.

You being a first-generation legal immigrant who is directly connected to that issue, which do you find to be the greater threat to the country and the Constitution, unempowered WORDS of a former president or empowered ACTIONS by a current empowered president? 

And most all Americans including me and I assume you wants and encourages the legal and properly vetted immigration of people from other countries into America in order to be free, prosper and strengthen the country. Legal immigration is a neccesity for America, what is on going at our wide open borders is called an invasion orchestrated primarily by one political party in search of permenant political domination. In essence a soft military action of conquest.

Which do you find the more concerning? One man's unempowered WORDS? Or another man's actual ACTIONS taken while he is in possession of the power of the presidency? And this is but one ACTION taken by this present politically empowered president that IMO fundamentally and in real terms threatens the very existence of the country as founded and the Constitution and what it was formulated to attempt to accomplish. Every ACTION he has taken has been IMO against the interests of our country and his political parties further empowerment. If you can get away with it why not?

The Constitution that you are genuinely concerned about and its very First amendment is about WORDS and everyone's Right to use them to freely communicate. And the Constitution is about ensuring the government's inability to stifle people from using WORDS and accomplishing that essential communication.

You can choose to judge someone by their conceptual WORDS but when we are talking about politics, when possible, it is ACTIONS in the real world that the people need to see and judge. 

Dont confuse yourself, never trust a politician by their WORDS. Only trust a politican by their ACTIONS. Arguments and concepts or WORDS  V  ACTIONS.

You tell me which president and their real world ACTIONS you are more concerned about now.

Have a question you want an opinion on, feel free to send it in!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/1/23

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Dec 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

"By their deeds you will know them." Or, as we say in the Bronx, talk is cheap.

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