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I will use two stories in the news today to demonstrate my point. Not about the everyday American that identifies as a Democrat, but the political operative that is just an extension of the Democrat party machine and their un and anti-American agenda: The Democrats (and the corporate profit margin CCP invested RINO's) are officially un and anti-American political operators now. They are fully and totally on board with the standing down of America in order to deliver it to and fulfilling the corrupt and perverted U.N. 2020 and 2030 world authoritarian "Climate Change" religion control agenda.

First, we have James Comey. You remember him. Mr. Comey, former head of the FBI, hired by Trump, spent 13 minutes in a news conference that he had no business conducting on the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton illegally holding and physically destroying electronic equipment and permanently deleting 30 thousand emails she was required to produce related to her job, (That is called evidence). He spent 13 minutes clearly enumerating why she should be indicted, but then in the end concluded that he could not see why she should be indicted.

Given the flimsy at best reasoning used to harass and indict through lawfare ANY Republican, especially if they were associated with or in support of Trump and his administration. Hillary Clinton apples to apples should have without doubt been indicted and tried for her surrendering of her fiduciary responsibilities related to her job and the security of the nation. There is without doubt a two-tiered justice system in America today, and it is dominated and controlled by the Democrat party machine (And the Liberal now Leftist media).

I think people like "Steele Dossier" James Comey, and there are many, many of them, including the likes of Mr. "I Am the Science" Dr. Fauci and his associates who with apparent purpose, agenda and intent deceived EVERYONE and cost many their lives during the CCP lab / Covid / mRNA experimental shot event. And let's not forget the "51 Intelligence Experts" that swore in writing that the Hunter Biden computer from hell was Russians disinformation, when they knew otherwise. And of course, the fraudulent "Trump Russian interference" Robert Mueller Special Council investigation. How did that work out?

They as a group might be a bit concerned about exactly who a new Trump administration might appoint as Attorney General. They have all provided the evidence of their treachery. It may be rational for their concern to be transformed into fear as the election approaches. Be afraid.

James Comey and his CIA / Deep State friends DESPERATELY needs Biden reelected: 52 sec.

And second, we have the so called "Inflation Reduction Act", which given the established facts related to anything that this Democrat administration proposes is exactly opposite to what they state their intention is. The Inflation Reduction Act has both caused inflation AND the monies that you as an American back stop and pay for that is destroying your economic future is in fact funding a radical Leftist organization that promotes and supports the brutal mutilation of innocent Israeli citizens.

"Inflation Reduction Act" funnels $50 million to anti Israel / Pro Hamas organization: 3 min.

Understand what true terror in warfare is all about where ANYTHING can be justified:

Both of these short videos are an illustration of the facts related to the dark anti and un-American / WEF / Globalist / "America must be Transformed" and be made "The same as" all other counties trajectory that the now radical Democrat party machine has gone down.

And these actors, and there are many of them must pay a high price for their disloyalty and disturbing irrational suicidal un and anti-American thinking and actions. Lies, lies and more lies. Why lies? Because they have to.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/22/24

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