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Just how terrified of a Trump presidential repeat are the Democrats? You know, a Trump that is totally read in and on the other side of the D.C. swamp learning curve. That Trump.

Nancy Pelosi is so desperate her reaction in this interview says it all to me. Nancy Pelosi snaps:  4 min.


What would her and other authoritarian radical, sell out America Democrat political operative's lives in Washington D.C. look like with a second Trump presidency and a properly chosen Attorney General? Might be very stressful.

This is why I propose that the Democrats and the RINO Republicans will by necessity and their survival all get together to somehow deny Trump being legally installed as the 47th president. Using a legal theory within the Congress / Senate / Electoral rules. Something.

And then we will all see the truth of the matter and how the American people's country has been highjacked. THEY will reject Trump and choose the president. Then we will all be off to the races.

Something parallelling this story below is exactly what the Democrats fear IMO.

El Salvador president gathers all government cabinet officials at a news conference, has them all investigated for corruption by HIS Attorney General: 4 min.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/30/24

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