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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

  1. Eric Clapton, 78: "Disastrous" after experiencing side effects.

  2. Justin Bieber, 29: Facial paralysis, forced to cancel tour.

  3. Haily Bieber, 26: "Stroke like symptoms", minor blood clot?

  4. Jamie Fox, 55: Possible brain blood clot?

  5. Oscar Cabrera Adames, 28: Basketball player died, heart failure during stress test.

  6. Bronny James, 18: Cardiac arrest, unconscious during basketball practice.

What do those in this very thin sample and short list of famous entertainment and sports figures above all have in common?

The average age regarding this particular select short list is 39 years old. All participate in the entertainment and or sports industries that had extreme pressure to conform and comply regarding certain health related requirement issues between 2020 and 2023 in order to work.

All just coincidences compressed into three years? Could happen. You draw your own conclusions and tell me what you believe all of these and the many others in the real world have in common regarding the past three years on planet earth and the statistical explosion in health-related issues, primarily heart, brain and blood clot related injuries and deaths.

Where there is risk there must be objective informed choice.

Note: Two very different technologies: Britannica:

* Traditional vaccine: "vaccine, suspension of weakened, killed, or fragmented microorganisms or toxins or other biological preparation, such as those consisting of antibodies, lymphocytes, or messenger RNA (mRNA), that is administered primarily to prevent disease."

* mRNA based vaccine: "Recombinant DNA technology has also proven useful in developing vaccines to viruses that cannot be grown successfully or that are inherently dangerous. Genetic material that codes for a desired antigen is inserted into the attenuated form of a large virus, such as the vaccinia virus, which carries the foreign genes “piggyback.” The altered virus is injected into an individual to stimulate antibody production to the foreign proteins and thus confer immunity."

* "Vaccination carries some risk of reaction, though adverse effects typically are very rare and very mild. The most common reactions to vaccines include redness and soreness around the vaccination site. More severe adverse reactions, such as vomiting, high fever, seizure, brain damage, or death, are possible for some vaccines. Such reactions are exceptionally rare, however—occurring in less than one in a million people for most vaccines."

One in one million adverse reactions? How about one in thirty five?: Dr. Campbell interprets peer reviewed vaccine injury paper: One in 35 - YouTube 18 min.

Be freely and objectively informed and let no one have the power to control that objective information.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/26/23

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