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Every component of the current Democrat party political machine is now a radical "progressive" retribution / reparations symbolic agenda driven LOW STANDARDS NO STANDARDS SYMBOLIC FRAUD!

We are all witness to everything going on in the now "progressive" Democrat party from the installed "leadership" to the lowest street thug demonstrator and violent enforcer of fear. It is ALL based in symbolism and what can only be described as a hollow mind-numbing fraud. And the only thing that substantially fills that void of that fraud is authoritarian, racist, retribution and reparations do as you are told or else "Democrat Socialist" agenda.

And that is what I see when I look at the current Democrat party leadership. Not the agenda of the now held hostage everyday valid Democrat American. But it is without doubt their current political party leadership agenda.

For example: Joe Biden, a Potemkin installed facade president box ticker. Kamala Harris, a vice president because she ticks off two symbolic boxes. Pete Bootygig ticks off one symbolic box. Trans "gender fluid" man in a stolen dress, Sam Brinton nuclear waste official ticked off the box, before he had to be fired. Dr. Rachel Levine ticks off the symbolic agenda box. Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, born Havana Cuba, lawyer, head of Homeland Security apparently in charge of the illegal organized Democrat government mass invasion of America who says the border is secure ticks off a box. What box? He is like the actor Jon Lovitz as the "Pathological Liar" SNL character, Tommy Flanagan. And I will have to throw in here the newly minted Democrat mayor, Michelle Wu of Boston who as a leader actively promotes racism and segregation. The Democrat party is rotten with them.


Why are they frauds? Because as elected leaders they are supposed to lead ALL of the people and not discriminate or set a racist tone in thought and deed in their fiduciary responsibilities as politically empowered or elected officials. A leader raises themselves above their own natural biases and they lead. And none of the above listed individuals is remotely able to do so. THEY ARE POLITICALLY EMPOWERED AND POLITICALLY DRIVEN RACISTS AND POLITICAL AGENDA BIGOTS! And that is why they are frauds and are dangerous in America and the world. Un and anti-American in spirt and deed. Leaders they are not, agenda followers they all are.

And now we have the Harvard symbolic president Claudine Gay, accused apparent subpar plagiarizer, who was unable to just plainly state in a Congressional hearing about racism and antisemitism on university campuses that it was wrong, racist and antisemitic and it must stop. It is all dependent on "Context", that was the strategic agreed upon university legal position. I guess the university will do something about it after someone is physically injured or killed? Because the students and opposition professors are already intimidated. Now that is context!

Screw the Jews, screw free speech, screw ensuring the safety of all university students equally no matter their race or creed who apparently are "The Other" and screw the country. And especially screw the Constitution. She ticks off four boxes. And that is why she sits installed where she sits. Low standards is no standards.

And who has apparently intervened in order that president Claudine Gay remains where she has been symbolically assigned and installed by the "Machine"? Former president Barack Hussein Obama, the current Defacto leader of the now radical "progressive" "Democrat Socialist" party machine. The smoooth now multi, multi-millionaire Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii and DC mansion living, job well done and well rewarded "Fundamental Transformer of America". A philosophical stereo typical livin large, authoritarian, do as I say not as I do Marxist if I have ever seen one.

Are you paying attention yet America? You had better be because it is all right in front of your own eyeballs. They desperately need you to be unconscious, on auto pilot and living in fear. Are you a low standards no standards symbolic American? I did not think so. This is the signature of Globalism. JGL 12 27/23

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