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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

What is the real threat to humanity, civilization and America today?

Our first world intellectualized faux morality, faux compassion and faux civility and perverted politics pose the greatest threat to humanity and civilization in my opinion. For political narrative reasons the president of the United States of America and those who write his talking points and represent him in media say that it is "White Supremacy" that poses the greatest threat to America. I strongly disagree.

What exactly do I mean? For example, from the Pedestrian Realm perspective. Whichever side you find yourself on in the Israel V Hamas / Palestinian / Iran issue for instance. If you embrace and justify the outright slaughter, rape of women and beheadings of children and support your position by offering the proximity and dominance of the Israelis to the Palestinians and their intense religious philosophy differences, then you have a psychological and mental perspective disorder.

Personally, I can understand that kind of thinking. Intense personal hatred based on personal historical tragedy and the associated horrors of war and conflict, and the supporting indoctrination is a real and visceral thing. But in the supposed sophisticated big picture, "vision for the future", civilized perspective that are supposed to be presented by the likes of the U.N., the U.S. government (depending on who is in control of it) and other "civilized" first world powers on the planet these kinds of horrors cannot be tolerated or justified. If a bright line is not drawn by those who are supposed to be leading between the continuing horrors of war, violence and conflict driven primarily by religious zealots and millennia's old justifications for these kinds of cold animalistic actions then YOU are the problem. There is no middle ground wiggle room.

I think the time has come that big brain, big think, Globalist aligned organizations like the U.N. which are from what I can gather are just corrupt currency extraction and redistribution operations that have long ago forgotten what their charter was. They need to be drastically reorganized and or disbanded and forgotten. The leadership of the U.N. have now due to their big brain and big think Globalist aliened agenda intellectualized and justified what is plainly before them and everyone else and become promoters of what they say they despise. They are now officially evil.

There are consequences to being conquered and or dominated by a superior power. And when policies are implemented by those powerful dominant governments who further empower organizations in a supposed attempt to equalize such domination then the only eventuality is that everyone concerned will be diminished and possibly destroyed. We do not need management; we need actual strong American based leadership. There is a difference.

We do not today have strong American leadership, we have management. And we are being managed away from our leadership position in the world and delivered by the radical Left interests within America to those very interests like the U.N. that seek their own absolute power. And that is based in a Subjective anti American perverted political ideology by a radical Left notion of fairness and equality in law and justice. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

Who are the real enemies of the United States and threaten peace in the world? You can find them and the political organizations that they Sheppard and steer below. They are the problem!

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We in modern times in America and the first world truly live in a fantasy of our own fabricating, it really is a miracle of sorts. And it is based on certain concepts and precepts regarding individual freedom, self-determination, Objective law and justice that have delivered us all to the most peaceful time in human history. As hard as that may be to believe given recent events, but it is true. And those proven theories of civilization and culture have been so perverted and intellectualized in the pursuit of political dominance and power to the point that ANYTHING to those ends imaginable can be justified.

One additional thought: In the real world, say between about 200 years ago and the last 10,000 years of human history on planet earth this is how things like the Israeli V Hamas / Palestinian V Iran conflict would have been dealt with and settled: 10 Brutal Moments in the Conquests of Genghis Khan - Listverse

The now ongoing intractable problem? One side of the conflict has been provided the option to embrace through "Our" perverted, "compassionate", "civilized" intellectualized dominance a Genghis Khan type of warfare. And the other side embraces or is forced by powers that dominate it to embrace a more first world measured, intellectualized "civilized" flavor of warfare.

In the past, in the real world there would have been this: "The massacre was horrific. Months later, a passing eyewitness wrote that “the bones of the slaughtered formed white mountains and that the soil was still greasy with human fat".

At some point a distinct bright line must be drawn by real leadership of the dominant yet benevolent power in the world and a choice should be presented to either agree to live in a somewhat peaceful manner, or become a historical foot note. You will not be financially supported and subsidized at the minimum if your barbaric medieval behavior continues.

These kinds of rationalized, intellectualized justifications for what just happened in Israel must not be promoted and incentivized. And the "progressive" Left (Radical D) contingent in America, in politics and in media is going about doing just that. They are outraged by the one and they defend the other.

How are such things that need to be accomplished get accomplished sometimes? Depending on who and what is in leadership and dominates political power and agenda. MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY ( And this S.O.M. theory of power may well be being implemented in order to force the needed choices to be made right now.

Do not allow your Pedestrian Realm morality to cause your own destruction. Morality is but a Pedestrian Realm perspective. And your enemy would be a fool to not use it against you if you allow it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/25/23

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