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Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Good, bad or otherwise: Why is our American system so successful?

How would you answer the above question? Can you even begin to answer this question?

This is how I answer this question. 1. *The American system is structured in a theory of Objectivity and not Subjectivity by the Constitution. 2. *Our American system is based in an adversarial theory of Politics, Law and Justice and Markets.

And I am certain that some among you that read that initial question would answer very naturally that the reason that America is so successful is because America was originally based in Truth, Ethics and Honesty. We are good people! (What happened!?)

But that, if you are paying attention, that cannot be so, especially if you are paying the least bit of attention to today's politics. Remember: Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt game that human beings play. All politics throughout all of history.

So, if that statement about politics is so, and it is, it is an absolute. Then anyone who believes that Americas success is based in Truth, Ethics and Honesty is mightily incorrect. And now you must come to understand where our actual American success is based.

(Please scroll down this blog and review Strategy Over Morality to begin to understand the differences between the Pedestrian Realm perspective which you are a part of and the Political Realm perspective and the two simultaneous conversations underway. And one of those conversations you are not a part of.)

So why are Objectivity and being Adversarial so successful? Objectivity and being Adversarial represent true competition and are essential concepts that must be adhered to because they best parallel Darwinian or natural rules of survival. And through true competition the best chances for some measure of real objective truth can be known and survival becomes apparent and a more secured potential. Having an Objective perspective and being Adversarial or competition are existential essentials.

Objectivity, competition and choice equals truth in reality.

The more Subjective and less Adversarial or less Competitive and less Objective things become the less likely it is that you and your system will survive. At some point your system becomes sick and you are doomed.

Sound familiar? This is absolutely true for Business, Politics, Law and Justice, Government, Markets and anything else.

Example, the fabricated term, "Social Justice": "Social Justice" (Notice the quotation marks) is based purely in Subjectivity and not Objectivity and is a Kings like personal interpretation of what truth and justice serves their particular self-interests. "Social Justice" in fact has nothing to do with truth or justice, it is an evil term. You think about that.

And that is why in this competition for the control of power and or money there is sooo much corruption. *THEY* all want control of the power and its surrogate the money. It is human nature, because there in the control of power secures THEIR survival. And that is really what we are talking about here, self-interests and ensuring survival. And you do it too.

Our American system is designed understanding this nature primarily of man (and includes women) and forces over time for the corruption to become apparent and revealed to the general public so they can better direct their government. This does not happen in any Socialist structure; the truth is what the government says is the truth. Again, sound familiar?

Also apply this to publicly traded Companies, or Unions, or School Boards, whatever. Our Constitutional system primarily structures this Objective and Adversarial system in order to over time reveal *some measure* of reality-based truth to the people.

In this context an Objective perspective is a broad world overview based in an observable reality where the individual has Rights and who can determine what truth is. And a Subjective perspective is a narrow, personal, emotional perspective where an individual has no Rights or access to truth other than what another says they have.

A King's perspective in the execution of laws and justice is personal and based in His Subjective self-interests and retention of power. Democracies in theory are based in Objectivity. And the concept that one person, or one politician, or one groups Subjective self-interested perspective can only result in the absolute abuse of power regarding the self-interests and Rights and access to truth of the individual. And that is correct and proven, whomever controls the power and truth controls all.

Origin of modern Rights, see: Magna Carta - World History Encyclopedia

Who has Rights? And if there are Rights where do Rights come from? A King for sure or a Politician if they could would insist that an individual has no innate Rights. And if there were any individual Rights to be identified they would be a function of THEIR Subjective opinion and control.

The American Constitution declares that human Rights are a function of a Creator or the Universe itself and the act of being born into it. Two very different perspectives related to the concepts of Rights. Are you beginning to better understand the difference between the Objective and the Subjective and the Adversarial in the context of Government, Law and Justice and Markets?

Is our Objective and Adversarial based American system perfect? No, no it is not but it is the best system even in its clearly revealed on going systemic corruption if your interests are individual freedom, truth and self-determination. There is no revealing of corruption and truth in Socialist countries. My proof: How many people are breaking into Communist China, or Cuba or any Subjectively based Socialist country to live a better life? That is a rhetorical question.

(Note: Don't confuse yourself: Sweden, Norway and Finland are NOT Subjectively based Socialist Countries. They are Capitalist oriented and Objectively based countries, and they choose to institute some degree of social programs in their societies.)

And that is the fundamental maybe a little drawn-out answer to the initial question: Why is our American system so successful? Feel free to share this with a confused friend.

Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/13/23

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14 juil. 2023
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Well done. It's too bad that it takes someone like you to explain our country to so many of our countrymen--this is something they should have learned in school (or maybe in Sunday School since it does hinge upon one's understanding of human nature and of man's place in the world). However, since they didn't, I'm glad for people like you.

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