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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The government, depending on who is in control of it at any one period of time, incentivizes or disincentivizes the people, business and everything else that falls under its purview that it / their ideological political agendas are concerned with. And that is mainly accomplished through taxation or tax relief and a variety of policy decisions.

And these incentivization’s and dis-incentivization's can be turned into powerful political tools and weapons used in the Political warfare between the opposing political players that the Constitution structures. America and Americans need that political warfare no matter how extreme it becomes. The political warfare must play out in front of their eyes so that they as best as they can be informed and to some degree determine what is true and what is not. And this is by design as counter intuitive as that may sound.

What we are all witness to today are the most extreme examples of these strategies of political warfare being used against one’s ideological political enemies and opponents.

Here is the latest weapon being rolled out by one side of the equation in response to the escalation by their political opponents: JUST IN: Grassley Reveals Alleged Recordings Of Biden With Foreign National Who Allegedly Bribed Him - YouTube

The Democrat party machine now being soooo radical and extreme have forced this information into the light and I am certain the politically empowered Republicans within Congress were fine with it being buried and sat on because the next logical question to be asked would be: Who else, on both sides of the political equation also have these side deals with foreign entities in exchange for influence and U.S. government considerations? To say nothing of the possible abandonment in the interests of financial gain of the national security and fidelity to our country and the oath taken to protect it and the Constitution that these revelations imply. Where might the beam of light and truth like that lead if it were seriously shown into those dark places? I shudder to think about the implications, that would be a big deal. (No pun intended)

The nature of ALL governments throughout history is to some degree be perverted and corrupted. It is just a matter to what degree.

Those that inhabit the Politically empowered Realm do not want to go there but they have now IMO been forced to do so because of the existential and paradigm changing extremes the now radical Democrat party machine has taken things to in their real efforts to vanquish their political opposition and reformulate the country.

All is fair in Love and Political Warfare.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/13/22

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