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Educated? Or Indoctrinated? Without real struggle and growing up in a for the most part safe and bountiful American ensured and provided fantasy you can assume any reality. And that is the irony here.

N.Y. Post: “That ignorance actually gets worse. Among those students who somehow believe the United States has gotten worse over the last 50 years, a majority think this imagined lack of progress has occurred because we don’t have “enough government programs to make sure resources are used wisely.

This belief betrays a remarkable unfamiliarity with our economic system.

Even back in 1970, we were dedicating so much to government programs that it amounted to 32.3% of our economy, per the International Monetary Fund. By 2021, that figure had risen to 42.36%.”

“It’s not just race where we’ve seen tremendous progress either. Heck, as Forbes reports, many women couldn’t even get credit cards in their own name in 1973. And gay people faced anti-sodomy laws on the books in many states that literally criminalized their lifestyle — gay marriage was still a pipe dream. That’s all radically changed. Are woke college students really unaware of this basic history?”

What has gone on in American politics over the last 50 years has been a continuing radical Left push to ultimately result in the destruction of America as founded and the belief that the Constitution should be ignored.

And I think we must recognize that the other component of the equation, the Republican party to some degree has been usurped and compromised by more serious and dedicated players who are more radical Left and Marxist in nature. Whether they want to honestly recognize that fact or not. You have to recognize that.

One side plays generally within the lines, except when they don’t (See: S.O.M.). And the other side has decided based in their own self-interests that it all must be torn down and restructured in only their "righteous" model. Ignore the more or less objective rules, make your own subjective rules, break it and reformulate it.

What is the point of this ramble? That effort by the now openly radical throw it all out the window “progressive” Left can ONLY result in subjective authoritarian government where mandates and absolute control concerning every aspect of your life will be enforced by people who have no real grasp of history and just how far and just how good, successful and unique the American experiment in governance in fact is and has been.

What are the real rules of the all the marbles at any cost political game that is being played?

The first thing that the Constitution structures is political warfare, it is time for the general public of all generations to realize that and fight in an appropriate manner and generally within the lines specified by the Constitution. And the second thing that the Constitution structures is a system where some degree of truth through time is revealed to those in the Pedestrian Realm about what those in the politically empowered Political Realm are and have been up to.

Why is America through time been so successful? Can you answer that question now?

In the end what keeps America healthy and moving positively into the future as is demonstrated by the evidence? The struggle and the political warfare although chaotic and counter intuitive at times is the key. No pain, no gain.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/28/23

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