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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

If you want to rally and galvanize people and world opinion, how might you accomplish that?

I am not reporting it, MarketWatch reported it and I must assume it was reported based on verifiable information to some great degree. And then this from the Daily Mail.

Strategy Over Morality theory, "The Two Conversations", the justification for extreme strategic acts is what the MarketWatch and the Daily Mail articles seem to be pointing to. Information? Or disinformation? You decide.

What is MarketWatch and the Daily Mail saying? "Israel was warned three days prior", but they might have chosen to not act. Inaction is an action. Why might they have not acted? War strategy related to galvanizing world opinion regarding evil straight from hell religious zealot actors who cut babies heads off and those who support and fund them who eventually need to be dealt with in the sternest most extreme terms? Has the time arrived?

You make of the MarketWatch and the Daily Mail articles what you will, IMO all potentials exist at this level of warfare and existential international survival. How do you get from point *A* to point *B* in an existential for all the marbles game of warfare strategy?

Strategy Over Morality is neither good nor bad, it merely points out that sometimes you strategically act, and sometimes you strategically do not act depending on the desired necessary strategic result established by leadership. And or their arm's length proxies who may or may not fully inform leadership. Plausible deniability or true ignorance is essential in many strategic circumstances within the leadership apparatus.

(Apparatus: 1. The technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose. 2. A complex structure within an organization or system.)

In the short term all occupants of the politically empowered leadership position are temporary.

Morality? Morality is exclusively a perspective of those who exist within the Pedestrian Realm and is optional when necessary existential strategy is established by Political Realm leadership and or associated arm's length proxies. The Political Realm uses the Pedestrian Realm's morality as a tool of manipulation in order to accomplish what must be accomplished.

* Remember, the radical Leftists within the current American administration (D) in power right now as well as the Globalists despise Israel and if that paradigm power model continues to be the trend in America where will Israel be in the coming decades? Question asked, question answered.

Such strategic action potentials and justifications beginning say over the last 20 or so years due to technology have become more and more difficult to keep in the shadows. The evidence indicates what it indicates.

Taking care of business at this existential level is a serious, consequential and deadly activity. Ignorance and fear are mighty tools of manipulation, control and agenda.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/11/23

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13 paź 2023
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I think I see what the author is saying. Another way of saying it is the ends justify the means. That is almost an ironclad rule of the Left. It has been done many times in history by otherwise principled rulers. Many people still suspect that the American government knew Pearl Harbor would be attacked in late 1941, early 1942 and intentionally failed to raise the alert level. Plenty if plausible deniabilty, and then they sacked the local Hawaii Army and Navy commanders, Short and Kimmel. Problem solved and buried. But what a glorious war it was, catapulting the USA to 75 years of superpower status, and saving Europe along the way!

Odpowiada osobie:

And we call that justification by leadership or leaderships arms length proxies, Strategy Over Morality.

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