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Updated: Jun 30

Ass backwards, with a goal in mind is exactly how you would generally describe government. You are required to believe the lie. Why is that?

Because those in government upon becoming politically empowered tend to see themselves as morally superior to you in their management roll in regard to your life. And you would describe the Democrat party particularly in this manner and they are on ideological steroids in regard to your life and their access to your taxes and how much of it that they can confiscate from you and how they spend it and how they get to manipulate and shape culture.

"Of the estimated $690 million annual loss, buses accounted for the largest share with $315 million, subway evasion cost $285 million, about $46 million was due to drivers avoiding tolls and commuter rail evasion totaled $44 million, the report said."

The government has already spent $500,000,000.00 (Half a Billion dollars) on installing the technological infrastructural means to electronically collect a fee from drivers in NYC, but the governor has decided to indefinitely suspend its implementation. Do you really think that all of that technology is just going to be written off as a loss? NY Gov Hochul delays controversial NYC congestion pricing plan ‘indefinitely’ | CNN Business

I strongly suspect that the governor will have a change of heart and concern for the people right after the 2024 presidential election.

Who are the primary beaters of fares in the MTA's transportation system that are costing the MTA the estimated $690 MILLION dollar short fall? Primarily young "oppressed" people and a number of career criminals or individuals who are mentally incompetent and potentially violent.

Now given the facts that you can plainly detect, how would you, a normal human being, solve the MTA's deficit problem? I will wait...............If you want to solve a problem, do the exact opposite of what government proposes because government does things ass backwards. And that is not by mistake. No one in government ever suffers the consequences from their incompetence or perverted social agendas.

They just get to confiscate more of your taxes to solve their incompetence or fund their perverted social agendas. And of course, bigger and fatter guaranteed pensions.

Governments ass backwards incompetence is incentivized and rewarded.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/24/24

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Jun 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Incompetence? Yes, there's a whole lot of that. But I think Mark Twain expressed it best: "There is no distinctly American criminal class--except Congress." You can never go wrong following the money.

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