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Indicator: "New Zealand has voted for change, with the National Party claiming a resounding victory over Labour and sending first-term MP Christopher Luxon to the prime minister's office."

New Zealand elects new government as Labour suffers heavy losses across electoral map - ABC News

Is this recent decisive Conservative win in New Zealand an indicator of what is in store for the now radical "Fundamentally Transform America", Globalist, "progressive" Democrat party in America? And if you are familiar with the previous Prime Minister of New Zealand, the fully trained and indoctrinated "Young Global Leader" and WEF / Klause Schwabe acolyte, Jacinda Ardern then you will understand why the need for the massive political shift in New Zealand was necessary. And that is why she earlier this year resigned her position. Socialists always mean well as they destroy your freedom, impoverish you, cause instability and bring forth death and destruction in the world. But they mean well, and sometimes I guess that's enough?

"Jacinda Ardern quickly becoming the Great Reset's high priestess as the movement's slow march towards big government control rumbles on"

Jacinda Ardern quickly becoming the Great Reset’s high priestess as the movement’s slow march towards big government control rumbles on | Sky News Australia

Sound familiar America? "Jacinda Ardern has resigned as New Zealand's Prime Minister knowing full well she was about to be brutally booted from office by Kiwis who woke up to her Covid authoritarianism, Be Kind hypocrisy and an economic catastrophe she inflicted on an amazing country,".

The now clearly un–American Democrat party machine leadership and those in politics who live in fear of displeasing them know what may well be coming for them. Keeping that thought, when the Democrat machine says "By any means necessary" related to remaining in power you can believe them. By any means necessary, up to and including murder some would say. Any and all potentials to that end are on the table. 2024 is going to be a wild ride.

And what is the one piece of business that must be taken care of before the Globalist / CCP / WEF wet dream style authoritarian "Utopian" One World Government can be installed? The fundamental destruction of America as founded, the Constitution and Americas dominance in the world. By their own words not mine.

America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we'll have a handful of global powers | World Economic Forum (

And in that context now every move that the Potemkin Biden administration has made to diminish and disrupt America and deliver it to the Globalist agenda makes perfect sense. Or is it just me?

And here Jacinda is with the future Democrat machine presidential candidate for president, Gavin Newsome. Two great big self-adoring toothy "progressive" authoritarian smiles fully on board with delivering America to the agenda. Is there a reckoning coming America? Stand by.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/14/23

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