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Updated: Feb 7

Do you think that Covid, the MRNA "Vaccination", the forced EV electrification of America and the flooding of America with millions of illegals from third world countries are all unrelated?

(And to be clear, no one is suggesting that Americans or this American is rejecting immigrants into America, not at all. But mass ILLEGAL immigration forced by a political party agenda is in fact a quasi-military strategy move. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

Unrelated, but it's all related:

Covid and the forced MRNA "vaccination" "solution" is an exact analogue to this below, the absolute necessity to electrify, as it is with forced illegal immigration. It is all one.

Copper Thieves Targeting Electric Charging Stations:

I was wondering how long this expression of human nature would take, and here it is.

It is all related and it is all based in the conscious planned hand in hand ongoing under the controlled Democrat and RINO political destruction of America agenda. Destroyed by those who have decided that America, Capitalism and the Constitution must be destroyed in order that the "New World" model can be installed where everyone is equal in all things and human nature has been reprogrammed.

And that is just how ignorant, childish and dangerous this ideology is. The only resulting eventuality can be absolute compliance to authoritarian rule by an elite chosen few. And the necessary force subjectively employed to make all comply with the "NEW" normal specified human behavior requirements.

Should be seamless and there will only be unicorns, rainbows and ice cream for all when it is realized.

Your politicians in power right now in both political parties are urinating right in your face while smiling at you from on high while they insist that you eat your "Magical" ice cream. And they insist that you like it.

*The Senate attempts to legalize illegal immigration and usher in 2 million per year

How do you like that America? Are you going to continue doing what you have been doing at the ballot box?

Starts with "T" ends in "EASON" to my thinking. (Don't forget to eat your ice cream, get your Covid booster, hug an illegal, and buy an EV.)

"Progressive" unicorn poop is still poop.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/6/24

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