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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

A while ago I identified this company, Joby Aviation, and its battery powered eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) design as being a desirable and well laid out configuration, it technically and esthetically made sense to me. The high wing, the transitional power units that drive the specially designed and nearly silent rotor blades. A beautifully executed aircraft made mostly of carbon fiber that will transport 4 people 150 miles at about 200 MPH along with a pilot.

It will probably be used initially by the military ($131 million dollars investment in JOBY) and emergency medical operations in order to prove the concept, design, technology and performance and then on to commercial operations.

JOBY has significant investments made by Toyota ($390 million): "The Japanese carmaker has agreed to supply key components for Joby’s eVTOL aircraft, the companies announced on April 27. Toyota will manufacture some components of the aircraft’s powertrain and actuators—devices that control its moving parts—before sending them to Joby’s powertrain and electronics manufacturing facility in San Carlos, California."

JOBY also has significant investments being made by Delta Airlines ($60 million) as well as UBER ($75 million).

The only question that remains is the battery technology, reliability and duration, which is pretty good today. And in my opinion those concerns will only be greatly lessened in time due to the intense focus that industry is paying to enhanced battery technology and performance development.

Joby Aviation appears to be well on its way to becoming one of the first FAA certified aircraft in this commercial eVTOL battery powered class since they as far as I understand are the furthest along in that arduous and mandatory process focused on safety and performance. And to be sure there are many systems related to air traffic control and pick up and landing facilities that remain to be hammered out and that too will be forthcoming.

This company and this vehicle and vehicles like it in my opinion will be a part of your future.

Full disclosure: I have an equity position in this company. And as in all things, do your own due diligence. JGL 6/14/23

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