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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Now I think everyone on both sides of the political divide in America today can agree on one thing, Kamala Harris is NOT going to be running for president if and when Joe is forced to drop out for health reasons or to spend more "quality time" with his "6" grandchildren.

This Kamala problem is IMO a real problem. She is black, and she is a woman. And those are the two reasons that she is where she is today, the vice presidency of the United States IMO. And that is exactly what the Democrat party machine has used as their theory of operation in the White House and in the several governmental appointments that they have been able to make, IT IS ALL ABOUT SYMBOLISM.

Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women, Trans "women", Trans "men", Cross dressing, "Pup" submissive, luggage stealing nuclear scientist, "Furries", Gay, Radical, Marxist, Socialist, "Progressive", every kind of differently oriented human American being on the planet have been empowered by the We Hate America Democrat Party machine. And it is ALL exclusively about symbolism.

Competence, experience in a segment of government, business or life that is relevant to their appointed position? What's that? Are you racist? A homophobe? You wonder why in your estimation our government is perceived as being incompetent and anti-American? Well wonder no more.

So, the problem remains: How is a vice president currently in office who fulfills two of the Democrat party machines most important symbolic pandering political label agendas, she is black and she is a woman, be convinced to step aside?

See: Barack and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama may be the pinnacle and most successful, most highly compensated after office example of symbolism for the Democrat party machine. (And there are many similarities between Kamala and Barack regarding politics and how they found themselves where they found themselves.)

What do you mean? Barack and Michelle are very, VERY well to do today. After being president the Obama's own three mansions. One in Washington D.C., one in Hawaii and one on Marthas Vineyard right on the water worth $13 million dollars. Are you getting my point?

Kamala IMO is in the cat bird seat and will have to be "incentivized" with a TV show? An incentive heavy Penguin / Random House book deal? Heading a Prestigeous university? There has to be some form of extra incentivized form of compensation in order that she do what must be done and step aside. She IMO is about to become very wealthy.

Think I am being too cynical? If Joe is forced to retire due to health reasons or in order to "spend more quality time with his grandchildren" in his sun set years or some "other" reasons and Kamala is the next in line, she will have to be "convinced" through heavy incentivization to step aside. The Democrat machine understands that if she heads their ticket, it is all over before it starts. And that is just unacceptable.

How does a now radical political party based solely in symbolism, racism and empowering women reject a politically empowered black female political player in the number 2 power spot in government?

Stand by because this is something that the Democrat party machine will have to nuance, massage and get accompli$hed.

Paying attention yet America? JGL 9/4/23

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