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Updated: Jun 3, 2023


The above statement is the general condensed distillation of what I have come to understand about what a proper philosophy is regarding dealing with people in the general public of all colors and kinds. Which does not mean that I love or even like anyone and or everyone I happen to meet, know or deal with. Not at all, not for one second. I can be very judgmental and subjective here and there, and I make no apologies or excuses for that. I will not be forced to associate with or accept just anyone into my personal inner circle. But mutual respect as a general operating philosophy and rule should be the starting point of all and every human interaction.

And this personal general mutual respect philosophy does not mean that one cannot think another is odd or different, too uptight, not smart enough or wanting in their attitude, affect, appearance, dress and or hygiene. People are and can be odd and different whether that is plain to see from your perspective. Or they keep their differences well under cover and hidden. Difference does not mean bad.

All that being said I found this article in the New York Post related to a Starbucks commercial where a father and a mother are meeting their coming out trans son for coffee. And surprise, surprise the father is having a problem accepting his son as he has chosen or is compelled to be.

Now the New York Post characterizes the commercial as going "Full Bud Light" referencing the Dylan Mulvany Bud Light association where the wildly over the top trans Dylan is going through his gyrations and over the top feminized affectations and is promoting Bud Light. I find it a bit too much in the soulless corporate attempt to culturally force Bud Light customers to accept Dylan and his chosen lifestyle. I however wish Dylan well.

The relevant operative word in that last paragraph is "Force". Have mutual respect but please don't attempt to force your agenda, especially by what is a soulless corporation because now you are just manufacturing even more resistance and you are pissing people off.

Watch the Starbucks commercial and you tell me. I found the commercial actually was very appropriate and well done. It reflected a possible real-life situation and was not preaching or trying to force anything. Unlike the more in your face Dylan Mulvaney media agenda onslaught.

Mutual respect and not force is where people can accept others. Be genuine and others will give you back what they detect, as a general rule. Doesn't mean you have to love or even like anyone, just respect them and they respect you as your starting point. Have the expectation built into your attitude and most of the time it will be met in kind. But do not be naive.

In these times of change, adjustment and political upheaval based on a radical raze it to the ground and rebuild it how "WE" demand it agenda, I find the Starbucks commercial a well-done effort by a soulless corporate entity and their commenting on this now controversial issue that is being made even more controversial for political reasons of force and political manipulation.

J.G.L. 5/20/23

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