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“An undocumented person. I shouldn’t have used illegal, it’s undocumented,” Biden told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart in an excerpt from an interview airing Saturday — which did not show him addressing or acknowledging that he referred to Riley as “Lincoln Riley” during the same speech.

Is it just me?

The president of the United States was apparently tasked by someone within like a child with correcting himself after correctly calling an illegal immigrant who is alleged to have raped and brutally murdered an innocent young woman with calling him "Undocumented" and not illegal.

I guess he got a call from his superior, Nancy Pelosi after all?

So, my interpretation is that the president of the United States and who ever actually approves and puts the words in his mouth in a way is sanctioning, validating and elevating this illegal immigrant that he invited into the country. Sanctioning and validating a man who allegedly committed the rape and brutal murder of this innocent young woman by elevating his terminology. Because that is what it says to me. The connotation, the "politically correct" terminology, the imagery, the elevation, the "progressive" message is much, much more important than the life of this one innocent young woman.

This may be the saddest story on several levels that I have heard recently. America under Mr. Biden's "leadership" is actively sacrificing its women in the streets, on the sports fields, in swimming pools, in public bathrooms and in schools for a corrupt, perverted and destructive political ideology. The women of America are no longer safe due to political agenda and the politics of the day (D).

Maybe it is just me? I am reading too much into this?

Nah. My parents did not raise me to be that stupid. How about your parents?

Question: Do you have a daughter that you love and who lights up your life? Do you have a granddaughter? Do you have a wife? Do you have a mother? A sister? Is this the kind of leadership, safety and security that you expect for the women in your life from your president in your own country?

Houston we really have a very, very big problem. But you as an American can solve the problem or begin to solve the problem very soon.

My God man, what have you allowed yourself to become?

Are you paying attention yet America? I sure as hell hope so.

JGL 3/10/24

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As a "senior," and an old-fashioned feminist, I have to say I've never seen or encountered such virulent misogyny as we are encountering now. The abject fear and hatred of girls and women is terrifying--it seems that the prime objective is nothing less than the erasure of femaleness from every aspect of our society, to the point where we are lectured by men in womanface what it really means to be a woman.

As for Joe Biden, he hasn't "allowed" himself to become the creature we see. He created it himself. Don't for a minute think that he is some innocent victim who was unaware of what was happening.

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

There is a valid Feminist movement, there is a valid Gay movement, there is a valid Trans movement, there is a valid Civil Rights movement. The DEI / "progressive" / "woke" movement today is not about freedom and respect it is about compulsion and force. Two very different movements. And just like the Democrat political party those movements have been highjacked by their Marxist / radical Leftist superiors. They can become nothing else. Only by force can they prevail.

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