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Niki Haley, presidential primary candidate: "Suggests mental competency test for ALL of Congress after Mitch McConnell's latest freeze as a follow up to her proposal for 75-year age limit for presidential candidates."

And what she is in fact doing is pandering to those in the Pedestrian Realm and their common sense, but the common sense of those in the Pedestrian Realm (you and me) does not apply.

Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, John Fetterman, Joe Biden, all certainly past their prime let's say, all arguably incompetent and unqualified, and more than likely all compromised, but all are duly elected. Some more duly elected than others (Joe Biden). They won their political contests and are politically empowered by the people, and thus they have been transformed. Transformed into what? Transformed into creatures of the Political Realm and they are not subject to Pedestrian Realm common sense age or competency tests.

What tests are politically empowered politicians subject to? Just the voters judgment. Term limits? Age? Competency tests? Ridiculous. Just the people's judgement at the ballot box.

And of course, they are subject to extreme Political Realm party strategy pressures. They in fact, competent or not, are political party machine power place holders and reliable party votes in an effort to retain and further acquire political power. And that is really what you see in the list of politicians above. If Mitch, the minority leader of the Senate, which is a big powerful deal, was to announce his retirement, he would be replaced by a Democrat governor. And guess what party the new member of the Senate would be? That is a rhetorical question.

Just a strategic Political Realm party power place holder.

And these people holding their places of political power are not subject to such things as competency tests or any other kinds of tests. The only test they have to pass is the peoples political test at the ballot box. Not unless there is an amendment to the Constitution that is, and the amendment requires some sort of competency test or age limit. And that is very, very highly unlikely. That would be too threatening to the retention of and further acquisition of and control of political power.

Read about how things like Political Realm strategies are justified, over and above your "common sense". There are two conversations going on, and you are not a part of one of them: MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

So, what is Niki Haley really up to? Bait and switch "common sense" politics. She is reaching out and theoretically bonding with the Pedestrian Realm and their "common sense" in order that they politically empower her, and she becomes an empowered member of the Political Realm.

And if and when she is politically empowered, she will fight like hell and call it un-Constitutional, amendment or not, that no one other than the Pedestrian Realm people ever judge her. A competency test for Niki Haley? AN OUTRAGE!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/3/23

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