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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

DEMOCRATS: EXECUTING THE "TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA", right in front of your own eyeballs in real time.

Open the story above and see what is coming to further add to the 7 (?) 8 (?) million that have already arrived. And you are being forced by the now radical "progressive" Democrat party to pay for it all. Why? In order that the Democrat party can further acquire and retain their political power AND deliver America to the "New World Order" I.E. the Sorosian / Schwab / U.N. / Globalist America must no longer be a dominant force in the world agenda. Break America so it can no longer be fixed. None of this is by accident.

They tell you right up front and this is what the Democrat party is in fact in the process of delivering: America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we'll have a handful of global powers | World Economic Forum ( Read it.

And who could blame them? They are running from a place that is a hopeless crime ridden economic socialist mess. And they seek hope and opportunity. And they are seeking hope and opportunity in a place that is trying to be turned into a hopeless crime ridden economic socialist mess, exactly what it is that they are running from. Can you say irony?

And no one is against legal immigration, not for one second. But this is not that.

This is the Obama (D) "Transform America" legacy and the "progressive" now radical, you can see it, Marxist really, Democrat party Globalist machine agenda. I will continue pointing this out until your confusion and disbelief is satisfied and you get it. The Democrats are in the process of delivering America.

Q: If you politically identify as a Democrat is this what you think is best for the country? You support this?

Do you feel like your Democrat party has been highjacked by people who do not have your and your family's and your country's best interests in mind by organizing and executing this mass invasion of illegal immigrants? Because that is exactly what is underway, and it's been underway from day one of this Democrat party now radical Leftist "progressive" machine controlled administration. This is the Obama legacy.

OR, you think things are going along very well and you are satisfied with where your country is going? Let me know.

What you are witnessed to is an organized invasion, a flooding of the borders of your country which is slow rolling treason IMO.

What as a Democrat are you going to do in the coming presidential election? And remember, you are being forced through taxation to pay for it all! If you do not change this trajectory who will you blame?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/31/23

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