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Updated: May 25

I remember reading about the foundations established by the American titans of Capitalism whose efforts in the business world were sooo successful that their legacy became establishing and funding Foundations and elite "Big Think" Think Tanks. Ford, Mellon, Johnson, Gates, Kellog, Getty, Lilly, MacArthur, Soros; it is a long list with eternal funding structures probably cumulatively in the trillions of dollars. All concerned with improving the human condition for the most part. You know, high minded lofty aspirations. (Bend Over)

And what exactly becomes of the trajectory of such entities fashioned by man and their high-minded lofty aspirations? Liberalism and societal engineering which by necessity translates into authoritarian manipulation, power and control. And I comment on the trajectories and nature of such organizations, entities and constructs of man in: God & Spirituality V Politics, Government, Law and Justice, Commerce & Religion.

That is apparently exactly what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.), originated after World War 2 in order to counter the Soviet Union's threat to the countries of Europe has transformed into. A "well-meaning" and "well-intentioned" construct of man and an authoritarian well-armed Globalist directed entity that seeks to structure society as they see fit in a more Liberal and authoritarian model. Who would have thunk it?

“In effect, any country that gets in bed with NATO catches the STD of multiculturalism, sexual degeneracy, and societal decay. More importantly, NATO is an entangling military alliance with a crusading ideology that is a threat to world peace. “

And what is one other essential component of this natural expression of government entities and Foundations and their Globalist concerns for the human condition?

If you can manage to control how people must think about their environment and control their access to healthcare, you control the entire world.

On this Memorial Day in America, I remind ALL Americans that these kinds of efforts by these kinds of "Well meaning" now very powerful entities is a real and present danger to you, to your family, to your and their freedom and to your very country because these Globalist agendas absolutely require that your Constitution be made a hollow and purely symbolic document of compliance and "freedom".

We all witnessed the forced flooding of Europe with illegal immigrants from the East to the West. And we are now witness to the second phase of that agenda today with the forced flooding of America with illegal immigrants from the South and every other country on the planet. Why is the Southern border of America being held wide open by this Democrat administration? Because that is required by the U.N., N.A.T.O., elite Globalist agenda and the powers within that set these initiatives and heady agendas in the world. I happen to call such activities TREASON!

If America and its so-called leaders who are IMO most all compromised, intimidated or in some manner controlled (blackmailed) to some degree as a whole ever acquiesces and agrees to standing down and surrendering the concepts of Objective law and justice and freedom contained in our Constitution and our sovereignty, and that is unquestionably what is required. Then we all become subjects of a "One World" Globalist entity that can only become more and more authoritarian. You know, for your own good of course.


Don't let the people who sacrificed their lives for you to live in freedom under our Constitution have done so in vain.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/25/24

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