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There is one theory of law and justice that MUST predominate in America.

And that is Objective law and justice as opposed to Subjective law and justice.

Has anyone here seen this particular NYS Judge Engoron video?

Judge Engoron speaks about how he personally sees law and justice:

Objective law and justice V Subjective law and justice. It is essential that one of these theories of law and justice, Objective law and justice, predominates the other. And there is a political perspective in America today that rejects this founding concept and embraces Subjective law and justice. And that must never be allowed to prevail.

Our system is designed over time to deliver Objective and not Subjective law and justice. That is the theory anyway. But someone always has another perspective on such things.

They always tell you who they are and what they intend for you.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/26/24

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Mar 26
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"Judge" Engoron, like his fellow elites, believes that he knows best. Certainly he knows better than 12 ordinary citizens. I'm sure he would prefer not to bother with the unwashed rabble of the jury altogether, and just rule his courtroom by fiat. It's frightening what ignorant, arrogant people we have judging and ruling us. He speaks of the "tools" he has to bend everything to his will. He's the biggest tool of the lot.

Replying to

He long ago forgot what his fiduciary responsibilities were.

Just a "Good Soldier" down for the cause now.

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