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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Exactly how do you go from a negative -$1,000,000.00 in net worth, to a positive +$8,000,000.00 net worth in 5 years in politics? That is a $9 million dollar swing in net worth in 5 years. Equal to a net positive $1,800,000.00 per year gain in net wealth.

Bill Oreilly: All in 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

And that is how its done, "It is true". Is that wrong? Not necessarily, but it certainly can be. And it happens in both political parties. Human nature is to work in your own self interests, nothing wrong with that especially when you have aquired a certain "special" status or set of skills and connections, but there is a fine line. Non transparent, unregulated over the fine line Capitalism can be just as corrupt and deadly as Communism and Socialism.

And that is what the Constitution attempts to counter balance and force to be revealed into the light so that the people can be informed.

Much of it however can be "legally" (?) bought and paid for through the back door in exorbitantly inflated "speaking fees", books that no one reads, corporate consulting contracts and board appointments, "contributions" to Foundations named after the former politician recipient and beneficiary and of course the traditional Paul (RINO) Ryan way, becoming a lobyist. And that is I am certain what you will see failed Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy (R) doing very soon.

But in turn you become obligated to become at least biased and owned to some degree and or fully compromised. If you choose to sell your soul to the devil the devil owns you pretty much for ever. And he is a master manipulator.

And then all of a sudden you are rich, all of a sudden you are paying $2.75 million *IN CASH * for a beach house mansion. Right after your son, who is apparently sitting right next to you while sending a threatening message to pay up on the $10 million dollar agreed upon payment to your CCP Communist controlled "Business" associate. Thats how its done, gangster style.

Oh, but wait, that is a way that is a little bit more controversial and risky should the opposition controlled Congress become intensely interested in your family "Business" activities that may indicate your being bought and paid for by the highest international enemy bidder country that you sit in control of policy over.

D. Mail: Trump comes into office and Hunter Biden's salary drastically cut: "“Burisma agreed to pay the Defendant an annual salary of approximately $1,000,000, to be paid in monthly disbursements. In March 2017, Burisma reduced his compensation to approximately $500,000 a year but he continued to serve on the board of directors until in or around April 2019. As a result, he received a total of approximately $1,002,016 in 2016, $630,556 in 2017, $491,939 in 2018, and $160,207 in 2019,” the indictment adds."

But the RINO Republicans in Congress are taking care of that situation by incrmentally surrendering their current political power advantage over to their political opposition. Shedding their majority through their "morality" regarding memebers elected by the people and removed from their position of reliable Conservative voting before they were convicted of anything.

The people put politicians in office, and the people should reempower them or remove them in the next election from office based on their performance. But that system regulated by the people has been short circuted by political manipulation and uni party goals to my eye.

And THAT is also how its done. Unfortunately, George Santos (R) apparently did not get the memo.

But this just in: George has, as reported by him, made more money in the week since he was dismissed from Congress than his $174,000.00 per year salary doing personal Cameo recordings at $500.00 a pop! Only in America :)

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/8/23

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