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Thomas Sowell, former Marxist, former U.S. government economist, Harvard educated, BA economist explains why our country's politics and economics are the way that they are. Your takeaway education on the subject all summed up in just 1 minute and 28 seconds.

Thomas Sowell, simplicity, brilliance, Conservative icon, American:

All people act in and protect their own interests: Doctors cover for doctors, lawyers cover for lawyers, police cover for police, union workers cover for union workers and politicians cover for everyone else who directly put them in a position of power. To a certain point anyway.

In all instances except for government and politics the realities of economics and rational Objective law and justice and decisions made have proximal commensurate consequences. Proximal commensurate consequences (and rewards) are where balance and progress are found. And at the point where government and politics is forced and dragged to accept the appropriate consequences for their actions, that is called revolution!

Why the extreme disparity in realities? Because both government and politics and those human beings that populate them consistently covering up for their putting their self-interests before all others including their sworn fiduciary responsibilities to not do so is the germinating source of all perversion and corruption in all civilizations.

And that is just a reflection of my and Mr. Sowell's point about their human nature. Search out the wisdom and writings of Thomas Sowell, you will find most all of the answers you are looking for related to government and politics and their motivations and needs regarding them dominating and controlling your life.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/11/24

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I've been following Mr. Sowell for decades. His take on everything--not just government and politics, but on race, history, social justice, and just about everything we all deal with in life--is invaluable. He is truly an intellectual giant.

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