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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Revision: Winsome Sears is ineligible to become the vice-presidential candidate, a friend pointed out to me that she was born in Jamaica. Too bad, she is the perfect VP candidate in 2024 IMO. "Sears was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on March 11, 1964, and she immigrated to the United States at the age of six.[4] She grew up in the Bronx, New York City.[5]"


Prediction Sunday is a day where when something strikes me, and it makes sense, I share it with everyone.

The subject? Who Donald J. Trump will choose for his vice president spot.

(Oh, if you have not figured it out yet it will be Donald J. Trump IMO that will be heading the Republican presidential ticket. Like it or not. That is if some unforeseen event happens to take place that would preclude him from fulfilling that roll. And you can use your imagination as to what that event might be. Trumps opposition and the RINO's in his own party can and will do ANYTHING to prevent him from becoming the president again. ANYTHING. They always tell you who they fear the most, and it is he. Understand where the political justification come from to justify ANYTHING: MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

And so, if the radical symbolistic crazed now radical, fire alarm pulling, Socialist Democrat party machine fears him the most then in order to properly redirect the country in a more American direction and not further slide into becoming some Socialist Orwellian authoritarian utopia D.J. Trump must be the Republican party candidate and the next president. Period!)

And this is who I realize is a good fit and may well be his VP choice: Winsome Earle Sears.

Why? First, she is a black American woman. And this given how the Democrat party symbolism crazed machine has pandered to that particular demographic Ms. Sears is a perfect consequential, substantive counter to their symbolism and pandering. Only she is a stone-cold rational Conservative and is a well accomplished strong woman. A reasonable choice for any reasonable black American woman who just cannot tolerate the possibility of a Kamala Harris candidacy. And like it or not Kamala is the next in line, popular or not. She is the first black female vice president, and the Democrat party machine is going to just pass over her? Really? It is either at this point Joe and or Kamala. Unless Kamala al$o choo$e$ to "retire". All potentials exist.

And what about if Michelle Obama slips into the race because Joe decides to pardon himself and his family members and retire and spend more time with his "6 grandchildren"? People talk about Michelle Obama stepping in and the Democrats at this point will break all kinds of rules and conventions to do as they damn well please. Likely to happen? Not in my opinion. But then again, I did not think that Obama himself was a good choice :) Remember, the Democrat party machine just needs a place holder facade to fill the presidential spot. The radical operatives within do the thinking and planning. Symbolism to the max.

Well now that would be one of those situations where Ms. Sears would again be the perfect alternative for any reasonable American, black, white or otherwise who believes that the now radical, fire alarm pulling, Democrat party machine is no longer an American interested political party. And see they have become "Woke" and are now dominated by those who see "Climate Change" and Globalism and the diminishing of and the serving up of America to those "Climate Change" Globalists as the proper future for their children, family and country.

And Winsome Earle Sears IMO is the perfect solution to this particular political equation in the 2024 presidential race. What do you think?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/1/23

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