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President of Argentina, Javier Milie speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, introduced by Klause Schwab (pictured below) himself. You know the "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" guy. Those are his and his elite friends like George Soros, no bail no jail, stated plans for you and your family anyway America. You are paying attention, aren't you?

A utopian world run by your superiors, the self-proclaimed elite, requires collective obedience and no private property, which just leads to jealousy and unnecessary conflict and competition.

The speech is 22minutes and 42 seconds long, and if you do not want to listen to the whole thing, which I suggest, just listen to the first 6 minutes to get the main thrust of President Milie's speech which is an important masterclass in the fundamental refuting of those Socialists who suggest that Socialism and the inevitable collective poverty and desperation that must follow or some proposed conflated form of it is superior to Capitalism, individual freedom and prosperity. A great and relevant speech.

President of Argentina, Javier Milie: "Capitalism is the only morally desirable system to achieve freedom and prosperity".

"The state is the problem, Dammit!".

And President Milie gave his speech right in the face and looking to the eyes of those who propose exactly what he spoke so passionately against and was elected to deal a death blow to. The WEF and their annual Davos Socialist "utopian" ongoing plan for world domination meeting.

Javier Milie was not elected president by the people of Argentina because they were happy and doing so well with their former government which was Socialist dominated and destroyed the country. It is best to learn from others and their real-world experiences. And it would be no different right here in America.

Note: New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore and so many more spiraling into desperation, crime and poverty Democrat / Socialist run cities in America.

ALL forms of socialism and or collectivism no matter how moralized, presented, shined up, packaged and sold to the masses can only result in authoritarian do as you are instructed rule. There is no progress in "progressivism".

How many people are trying to invade the borders of Cuba, North Korea, Brazil, Ecuador, China or Russia in the millions? That is a rhetorical question, there are none of course. And who's borders are being invaded by millions of people who are seeking freedom and prosperity? Hello!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/18/24

President of Argentina, Javier Milie

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